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Quick Connects for 3/8in Npt Female Plumbing Ends

We provide different types of Quick Connects from brands like Gardiner Pole Systems, PressurePro, Protool, etc. which are useful in cleaning, these items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while cleaning and prove to be useful.

Coupler 1/4 MPT SS Socket Stainless Steel Quick Connect Socket with 1/4" inch Male NPT (National Pipe Thread). These universal stainless steel fittings can be used with pressure washer wands, spray guns, hose, surface cleaners, foam cannons, or other types of related products. All stainless steels have a high resistance to corrosion. These will perform better than brass and will be easier to connect or disconnect when swapping out accessories. Resistant to heat and chemical damage, and able to withstand maximum pressure up to 5,000 PSI. The HIGH QUALITY properties of stainless steel means that these will not easily corrode and will last for years.

Coupler 1/4in PW Brass MPT Quick Connect Couplings are machined from top grade materials to the same exacting specifications as the high cost performance leaders. We have gone a step further to ensure that Quick Couplers can withstand high temperature, high pressure and aggressive chemicals by including EPDM o-rings as standard.

Coupler 3/4in x 3/4in GH Male Thread, This Banjo Garden Hose Fitting is designed as an adapter x male garden hose fitting that allows for an easy connection and disconnection from a garden hose. The fitting is designed to connect a hose to a sprinkler, nozzle, spigot, and other hose end accessories.

Adaptor Garden Hose Quick Connect to 5/16in pole hose pushfit comes as a stock hose fitting on most waterfed poles. It is typically sold with a shut off valve. Its cone shaped, black in color and has is made up of metal.

Soft Wash Nozzle Tip select the Tip your prefer for Mix and Rinse. It is available in Brass or Stainless Steel. Use 4 position Holders to ease Changing. 1/4 inch male npt attachment has Quality Nozzle Tip with 1/4in npt Male threads, and be used n the 4 position nozzle holder or individual female 1/4in Quick Connector lug.

Brass Tips for Flowing Soap mixes and is used typically while Downstreaming from your Pressure Washer. It is installed into a dual lance wand. The Dual Lance Wand is used to "dump" pressure out to the soap tip. In a Downstreaming setup this will lower the pressure in the line and the Downstream will start adding soap into the pressure washer hose to allow the mix to spread on the target. When done soaping turn the handle to full Pressure on the smaller tip and spray rinse water.

Nozzle Shooter Tips are designed for 4 to 5 gpm Pressure Washers, It develops a straighter, longer water stream. Extend your spray another 7 to 10 feet past a regular Zero Tip and can be installed in a single Holder or Added to your 4 position holder.

1/4in QC O-Ring Viton is made up of viton rubber is compatible with many chemicals and cleaners. It is designed for 1/4" Quick Connect fittings found on many pressure washer wands and hoses. Its compatible with temperatures up to 400F and is also tear and abrasion resistant.

1/4 in QC O-Ring Buna are interchangeable on quick connects from Hansen, Breco, and Adams. Buna o-rings are designed to wear longer.

Quick Connect Coupling to 5/16Pole Hose offers a Quick Connect Coupling fitting to 5/16in (8mm) Pole hose. It is ideal for use to connect to Water Fed Pole hoses. Its Nickel-Plated Brass construction with Stainless Steel components.

Quick Connector Wye Coupling offers a way to split into Two Quiick Connect Coupling fitting each with shutoff. Ideal for use to connect RODI systems and tanks and is Nickel-Plated Brass construction with Stainless Steel component.