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Gardiner Water Fed Poles

Gardiner Advantages:

Pole Length... You get your money's worth as Gardiner poles sizes are Actual Length of the pole, other brands often state their pole lengths at "working height" about 4 to 5ft shorter than actual.

Clamps ... The clamp includes a patented spring design for optimal clamping pressure, offering a range of adjustability for efficient pole height adjustments.  The clamp design also prevents finger pinching.

Lightweight .... Gardner leads the industry in stiffer, lighter poles, Just a few pounds lighter makes a difference when a pole is lifted a few thousand times a day

Electrically Insulated ... Insulated Handle Section has been tested to resist up to 5,000v with an average resistance of 3.2 GO

Gardiner Water Fed Poles

This simple guide will explain the strengths and characteristics of each of the pole range types.

CLX - Robust and reliable budget range of poles suitable for most work at 3 stories and below

SLX - Full carbon pole with greater rigidity, wear resistance and strength than the CLX range. Longer versions provide a compact budget pole for higher level work

Super Max HiMod - Robust, hard-wearing pole with good bounce suppression and good rigidity for working at heights

Xtreme - Rigid, lightweight and easiest to use telescopic poles for high level work. Shorter poles provide easy low level working for those with injuries or work issues. Note that these poles are not as hard-wearing or as robust as the other pole ranges.

Ultimate - Choose these poles if you want the most rigid, strongest and hardest wearing pole at high levels.

There is increased awareness of the dangers that working from ladders poses to the window cleaner. Gardiner is a leading brand in water fed pole cleaning technology allowing greater access to even more windows whilst keeping both feet firmly on the ground and J.Racenstein is privileged to provide Gardiner's water fed poles on our website.

Gardiner Pole Systems designs to provide the lightest, most efficient and easiest to use water fed pole equipment available in the world without compromise. By using our equipment you can significantly reduce the possible effects of RSI and other work related strains on your body. This will improve your working day and will help ensure that you can carry out your work with the minimum of strain. 

The more efficiently you are able to work the more profitable your business will be. Due to the light weight and rigidity of our class-leading range of high-performance water fed poles, goosenecks and brushes, you will be able to operate at maximum speed & efficiency.