Husky Hard Water Cleanser Qt

Designed for project and regular cleaning to remove heavy soil buildup and deposits. Safe for everyday use on hard surfaces and will not scratch metals when used properly.

Item Code: 85-010
Weight: 2.30LB
CATEGORIES: Oxidation, Hardwater & Stain Removal





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Product Description

An extra thick blend of detergents, oxygen bleach and a mild jewelers grade abrasive designed to tackle the toughest soils. This viscous cream easily cleans mineral deposits, organic stains, rust and soil buildup from a variety of surfaces including porcelain, ceramic tile, stainless steels, formica and fiberglass without scratching.

Formula Features • Jeweler’s Grade Abrasive • Oxygen Bleach • Mild Acid Formulation • Extra Thick • Free Rinsing


1. Apply directly to sponge, wet cloth or brush. Loosen soil and build-up with rubbing action. Rinse thoroughly. For heavily soiled areas, remove gross soil before cleaning.

2. When cleaning stainless steel, always rub with the grain. On chrome fixtures and other polished metals, use gentle rubbing action. For a brighter shine, polish with a clean, dry cloth. May dull highly polished surfaces.

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