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Mold & Mildew

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We provide Mold and Mildew treatment products which are designed to clean painted surfaces, etc. These items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while cleaning and prove to be useful.

All Mold & Mildew Products

Soft Wash Metering System provides Dual pumps for 7.4 GPM at 60PSI. It comes with metering valves for full control over Water, SH and Surfactant and 3/4 in plumbing for MAX flow. Ready to install as a DIY Soft Wash setup in your truck, trailer or van.

Moldstat 2 Commercial Case of 6 Quarts product is toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates. Cleans, disinfects and deodorizes surfaces by killing odor causing microorganisms and mold and mildew. Allow to air dry. Rinsing of floors is not necessary unless they are to be waxed or polished. Treated surfaces must remain wet for 10 minutes.

Algae Mold Stain Barrier Gal Chomp is a Bleach-free environmentally safe way to clean. Removes unsightly stains from most exterior surfaces. Recommended for roofs, decks, fences, siding, walkways, concrete, stucco, brick, pavers, vinyl, patios and other exterior surfaces. Do not apply to bare aluminum or glass. Approved for use on composite decks.

ProTool Chem Sprayer Pump Seal Kit is made up of Standard Material is Compatible with many Chemical Products. Seal and 3 Chamber Pump Diaphram. Requires disassembly of Sprayer Housing and Pump to install.