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Replacement Part Details

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We provide Replacement parts for building cleaning tools. These items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while cleaning and prove to be useful.

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Replacement Parts 

7 Gallon Tote with Draw Tube and Cap is used to hold the chemical for mixing and applying when clening exterior building surfaces. Low Density Polyethylene chemical resistance plastic tubing used for cold and intermittent hot water applications.

Housing Lower Body for Clever Sprayer is used to hold the chemical for mixing and applying when clening exterior building surfaces. Tote for ProTool Clever Softwash Sprayer - No Cap and comes with 7 Gallons of SH 12.5%. Set Mix Ring # to 10 and up to 17 for a stionger mix (2%)

Filter 3/4in 30 Mesh SS Black Housing Garden Hose Filter: 3/4 Inch Line water hose filter includes inline hose filter with 30 mesh screen. Water hose inline filter connects to pressure washer inlet. Powerful Functions: The garden hose attachment essential for household filtering sediment or impurities from faucets. The iron garden hose filter helps protect your pressure washer leaking from the waste water before they reach your pump pressure washer. Easy to Install: Connect one end of the line water hose filter for garden hose to water inlet of your pressure washer or water faucet outside. Connect the garden hose on the other side of the fixture.

Hose 3/4in ClearBraid MGHT to M pip 24in High Pressure Braid Reinforced Clear PVC Tubing. Includes Brass Male and Female Garden Hose Ends. Commercial Quality Supply Hose for Tank Filling or Vehicle Water Source. It provides temperature range: 32°f to 140°f.