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DBI/Sala Rope & Accessories

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Selecting the right rope for the right job is one of the important precaution you can take for fall prevention. Shop brands like DBI/Sala, BlueWater, Descent Control, J.Racenstein, Liberty Mountain, Kong Safety Equipment, Pelican Rope, New England Ropes, etc. 

All DBI/Sala Rope & Accessories Products

  • Tie off Pad 3ft DBI/Sala
    Item #: 98-901 MPN: 1003000 UPC: 840779000050
    Regular Price: $104.10
    Available Early June
    PPI: -1000001

Ropes and Accessories

Ropes with different sizes like 1/2, 7/16, 5/8 are the sizes available to order on J.Racentein website, these ropes are used for Descenders and Rope Grabs. It has colored nylon core quickly exposes wear and abrasion. The non-rotating construction cannot be backturned or hockled

You can also shop rope accessories like Blades for hot knife are designed so that heat is concentrated along the cutting edge in order to achieve the optimum cutting temperature, Whip-end rope dip which seals your rope ends to prevent fraying and add a color coding option to your gear with this water based liquid vinyl compound sealant., Tote bags are specialty canvas case to carry your chair, ropes, descender, and other specialty equipment. Rope ID tags that can protect rope ends and provide important information such as when a rope is put into service. Rope bags which has angled closing flap with ring for the suspension which ensure a comfortable access to the contents of the bag. Rope washers which we can hook it up to your hose, turn on the water, and pull the rope through the washer as water loosens dirt and the brush scrubs it off.