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Descent Control Harnesses

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With brands like Descent control, Gemtor, J.Racenstein, Kong Safety equipment, Petzl, Madaco Safety Products, Pigeon Mountain Ind. etc. you can choose from a wide variety of Safety Harnesses product line and order them.

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Safety Harnesses

We serve our clients with professional quality harnesses used in work activities for Scaffolding, Metal Structures, Rope Access, Confined Spaces, Portable Stairs and Elevating Platforms, Roof and Inclined Planes.

For a pro utilizing a personal fall protection system who is ascending and descending vertically, safety harnesses are very important in securing the safety of any individual working at heights. You can reach J. Racenstein at (201) 809-7500 if you have any queries.

We provide a wide range of harnesses which are lightweight, breathable construction maximizes air flow. The shoulder straps have a system for stowing the fall arrest lanyard connectors and keeping them within reach. self-locking buckles on th eback rear of the harness, between the waistbelt and the leg loops, allow for a shorter adjustment when the dorsal attachment point is used.

The harnesses also facilitates the carrying and organizing of work tools, with multiple equipment loops and retainers for attaching tool holders and pouches.

Some of the harnesses has an integrated fall indicator on the dorsal attachment point and is fastened with a TRIACT-LOCK automatic locking carabiner.

Some brands provide harnesses with Durable harness with plenty of support and storage features, Lumbar support with comfortable leg straps, Fast buckles allow for easy wear and Many gear slots to hold everything you need.