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J.Racenstein Roof Work Fall Prevention Kit

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We intend to provide best quality Roof work fall prevention kits for all our professional client working in the window cleaning business line.

All J.Racenstein Roof Work Fall Prevention Kit Products


We provide Roof cleaning kits that has everything you need to stay safe and complies with OSHA and ANSI. It has a resealable bucket that stores everything while not in use.

Other Safety kits are for Softwash roof cleaning which has mobile design automatically follows user. A safety kit for fall prevention while softwashing is needed for roof cleaning. This kit includes rope, a rope grab, lanyard, harness, carabiners and an equipment bag to hold it all.

Then we have Roof work fall protection kits which offers the basics you need for fall protection on a roof. In this all gear stores nicely in a carrying bag or bucket so you can easily pack your equipment and carry from job to job. This is a tool that is basically a series of straps connected by stitches and buckles worn around the body.