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Kong Safety Equipment Helmets

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Helmets are super important part of safety as they protect a very important part of human body. To meet all the safety standards we make sure we provide quality brands like Kong Safety Equipment, Petzl and Pigeon Mountain Ind.

All Kong Safety Equipment Helmets Products


All superior quality helmets available on our website are made up of superior quality materials like BS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), nylon, polycarbonate, high-strength polyester, polyethylene, kevlar, etc.

All these Helmets are professional shock-absorbing and comfortable. Some of them also come with ventilated interior with removable and washable padding. Some are also equipped with durable clips for mounting headlamps. Visor and headphones can be mounted on some of the available helmets using the integrated clasp on the shell.

We also provide NFPA 1951 third party Certified helmets as well as ANSI Z89.1-2009. These helmets are suitable for USAR, Technical Rescue, Rope Descent or Wildland operations.