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Madaco Safety Products Rope Grabs

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With brands like DBI/Sala, Gemtor, J.Racenstein, Kong Safety equipment, Miller, Mio Mechanical, Petzl, Madaco Safety Products, etc. you can choose from a wide variety of Rope grabs product line and order them.

All Madaco Safety Products Rope Grabs Products

  • Rope Grab 5/8in Manual
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Rope Grabs

For a worker utilizing a personal fall protection system who is ascending vertically, rope grabs work with vertical rope to offer a tie-off point. An integrated locking function immobilizes the device to shorten the fall distance. You can reach J. Racenstein at (201) 809-7500 if you have any queries.

We offer a variety of Rope grabs with some having Durable light weight stainless steel which are Energy absorbing, easy to attach or remove at any point on line. While some of these Rope grabs locks even if the device is grabbed during a fall, works on either vertical or angled rope and Easy to install and remove at any point on the rope.

We also provide Rope grabs with Captive lock system via carabiner attachment, Rotating side plates and Rollover cam braking system minimizes wear.

Some of them also come. With 3 ft. shock-absorbing lanyard attached, utilizes both inertia and cam locking system for added safety and Attach or detach anywhere along the lifeline for added versatility.

We also try to meet the ANSI Z359.1-2007, ANSI Z359.15 and other safety standards.