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Pigeon Mountain Ind. Connectors, Carabiners

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At JRacenstein you will find different types of carabiner’s, connectors and pulleys from various brands like Kong safety equipment, Liberty Mountain, Madaco safety products, Petzl, Pigeon Mountain Ind., etc.

All Pigeon Mountain Ind. Connectors, Carabiners Products

Connectors, Carabiners

Connectors and Carabiners play an important role in the safety aspect while performing cleaning activities at consistent heights on sky scrapers as they make sure can hang in there without ropes slipping. With carabiner you can control the ropes very efficiently. We provide these connectors, carabiners and pulleys made of very high quality anodised aluminum and steel for total reliability. 

Certain carabiners from KONG safety equipment come with reinforced sleeve offers greater resistance in the case of lateral stress as required by ANSI which you can look for. While carabiners from Pigeon mountain Ind. has been specifically designed for all your fall protection needs and features an easy opening auto locking gate and is fully compliant with the new 3600 pound gate strength requirements. Also the same brand PMI provides pulleys Integrated Cam for progress capture without the need of prusiks. We also provide products from Petzl brand especially the D shape carabiners which is particularly suited for connection to descenders or lanyards.