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Applicators, Pads

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Applicators and Pads from brands like Pulex, Unger, etc. are available for sale on our website. These are lightweight, easy to use and sturdy.

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Applicators, Pads

We offer a variety of applicators and pads such as the Smart mop micro from Unger offers cut microfibre for improved dirt absorption and streak-free cleaning. Holds 6 times its own weight in water – perfect for cleaning large areas. Reduces bacterial contamination by up to 96 % and is machine washable up to 500 times.

Then there’s the Restroom Mop Holder Red from Unger again which is Color-coded red for restroom use to simplify training and prevent cross-contamination. The Pivoting, low-profile head has large 16-inch surface for more cleaning contact. It easily collapses with the touch of a button to rinse or change mop head.