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Restroom Cleaning

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J.Racenstein offers Restroom cleaning products and solutions from reputed brands like Ettore, Protool, Unger, etc. to keep your Restrooms nice and clean.

All Restroom Cleaning Products

Restroom Cleaning

We got the microfibre towels to do the work for you as it picks up dirts, oils, and more on glass. We provide lint-free microfiber towels provide the best washing and drying properties. Perfect for dry cleaning of entry door glass, computer screens, window frames, etc.

We also sell ProTool Brighten that offers the Power of Hydrogen Peroxide and Orange Oils for Powerful Cleaning results. An environmentally responsible concentrated formulation that combines the oxygen activated cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide, orange oil and wetting agents to yield a truly remarkable, biodegradable, multi-surface cleaner and deodorizer.

Then we have Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer 12v Rechargeable 4 Gallon Tank has Electrostatic Spraying improved product adhesion to the surface, the media sprayed is broken down into very small charged particles that are attracted to the surface. This Electrostatic attraction allows for coverage of more surfaces surfaces than relying on a gravity based spread of the droplets. The positively charged droplets will wrap around surfaces and attach themselves on vertical surfaces as well as the underside surface.

Zip-It Green Snake Drain Cleaner is also a great buy, use the Green Snake to remove clogs in sinks, showers, bathtubs, any slow drain, it works amazingly fast. it offers superior drain cleaning to reach the more difficult clogs. The Green Snake is quick, easy, and inexpensive and environmentally responsible as it is made from post recycled consumer plastic while also cleaning your drains in a Chemical-free Manner.