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ProTool Tucker Cart Filters

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We provide Tucker Cart Filters for the purpose of water fed cleaning. These items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while purifying and prove to be useful.

All ProTool Tucker Cart Filters Products

Tucker Cart Filters

RO Membrane insert RHG TuckerĀ® 4 x 40" RO membrane makes more water than any other membranes on the market today. Tucker RO Membranes are designed to operate at extremely low operating pressures making. RO Membrane Filters seperate water into "Cleaner" permeate and dirtier bypass water.

RO Membrane 4040 Ultra Low Pressure ProTool offers performance from 70psi to 150psi. It offers a Dissolved Solids Reject rate better than 99% at 150psi. 4in x 40in Industry Standard size for use with most all RO Housings available. Output is 2500 Gallons per day at 150 psi and 70 degree or warmer water, 1200 Gallons per day at 70psi and 70 degrees F. Advanced membrane technology offers consistent performance and reliable water filtration.

DI Filter 4in x 10in Blue/White offers DI Resin 4.5 x 10" Replacement Filterm - includes the DI Resin. Sealed in a plastic bag for maximum freshness. Open your DI filter housing, remove the exhausted DI filter and replace it with the new one.

Sediment Filter 2.5in x 10in ProTool Replacement Sediment Filter for 2.5in x 10in Filter housings. Comes with 5 Micon Filtration and is FDA Listed Materials. Polypropylene Replacement Filter Cartridge for removal of Sand, Silt, Dirt, Rust and sediments from the water source. Sediment filter is made of fine melted polypropylene, which is blown and spun in a cylinder-like form.