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Replacement Filters and Housings

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We provide Replacement filters and housings from brands like Ettore, Protool, Tucker Manufacturing, Unger, etc. for the purpose of water fed cleaning. These items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while purifying and prove to be useful.

All Replacement Filters and Housings Products

Housing 4.5 x10 Filters, Water Filtration provides 1 inch port allows a greater volume of liquid to pass through the cap and the the built-in pressure release button in the cap allows for easier loosening the clear sump when it's time to replace the filter. This 4 x10 Filter Housing accommodates a wide variety of 10-inch x 4.5-inch filters of your choice. Typically used for Water Filtration with a sediment filter or Chlorine removal and filtration with a 4.5in x 10in Size Sediment or Chlorine Filter insert (Inserts not included).

Cartridge 20in Empty for 4.5x20 Housing Media Cartridge holds granular media, typically DI Resin, The cartridge is for the 4 x 20in Housing. Blue Caps with particulate filters to keep the media in the cartridge. Cartridge is installed in the Housing per the Directional Arrow and the Hole on the top with Gasket. Plastic End Caps and Housing Tubes offer long life.

Housing Stainless Steel with 40in DI Cartridge resin 40in Housing and insert Kit, Pure Water DI Resin kit for Water Purification. Kit includes Stainless Steel housing, DI Resin Insert (Refillable) and plumbing to attach to a Garden Hose

Resin DI Cubic foot - New Virgin Resin is a Bulk DI Resin for Water Purification for Spot Free Cleaning. Mixed Bed Resin designed for removing the Calcium, Magnesium and other metallic contaminants in the water that dry as hard water stains on the surface. The treated water that results from being treated by DI resin will dry spot free. Used to treat water to 0 TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and used to perform the final spot free rinse on many surfaces. Treated Water is used to Spotfree Rinse Windows, Auto, RVs, Boats, Tractor Trailers, Marble, Granite, when used on Carpet and Upholstery it offers a soft plush feel to the material.

Pure Water is created by removing the sediments and total dissolved solids (TDS) from the water. The process of making pure water involves a chemical and electrical process. JRacenstein provides all the DIY RODI components to build your own RODI water purification.

EZ Pure RO Conversion Kit is a Retrofit Kit to Replace the EZ Pure or Ettore RO Membrane Cartridge in a Caddy RODI System. It Contains the RO Membrne Insert and fittings installed in the endcaps to complete the retrofit. The RO Membrane Insert is replaceable in the future.

RO Membrane 4040 Ultra Low Pressure ProTool provides Ultra Low Pressure RO Membrane offers performance from 70psi to 150psi. It offers a Dissolved Solids Reject rate better than 99% at 150psi and 4in x 40in Industry Standard size for use with most all RO Housings available. Output is 2500 Gallons per day at 150 psi and 70 degree or warmer water, 1200 Gallons per day at 70psi and 70 degrees F. Advanced membrane technology offers consistent performance and reliable water filtration.

Pro-Rinse DI System Tucker is a versatile DI System for weekly or occasional use. Weighing in at only 20 pounds, it can easily be removed from the vehicle and carried to the job site. These systems are a single stage filtration system meaning they are best used in areas with low TDS water or if you plan to only use spot free water on the occasional basis. Simple set up and use. Simply connect your tap water hose to the inlet and your pure water hose to the outlet.

HydroPower Original Resin (4 bags) contains a pre-portioned amount of Unger high capacity premium grade virgin mixed bed resin. Each bag is made of a water-permeable material and includes a reusable pail for storage and disposal.

RO Membrane for Tucker RO/DI comes with Cholarmine/Carbon pre-filter rated for 80,000 gallons. ULTRA low pressure reverse osmosis membranes for high production. Built in pressure guage along with powder coated steel frame w/ rubber feet.