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ProTool Shooter Tips and Holders

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We provide different types of Shooters tips and holders which are useful in softwash cleaning, these items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while cleaning and prove to be useful.

All ProTool Shooter Tips and Holders Products

Nozzle Shooter Tips are designed for 4 to 5 gpm Pressure Washers, It develops a straighter, longer water stream. Extend your spray another 7 to 10 feet past a regular Zero Tip and can be installed in a single Holder or Added to your 4 position holder

4 Tip Nozzle Holder (no tips) pressure washer tip holder with aluminum clip is made of durable plastic. Easily clip onto pressure washer or other pressure washer accessories. You can access nozzles at any time, prevent them from being lost. Replace nozzle according to the actual need to get different spray pattern. Convenient plug and play attachment for most brand of pressure washer. Provide a service of quick reply within 24 hours. Welcome to RIDGE WASHER to see other pressure washer accessories.