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ProTool Powered Brush 24v Electric

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We provide Rotary Bushes 32 inch electric powered for the purpose of Solar panel cleaning. These items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while cleaning and prove to be useful.

All ProTool Powered Brush 24v Electric Products

32in 24v Electric Brush Complete Kit is designed to clean Solar Panels, Atrium Glass, flat Glass Skylights, this is a complete brush and pole kit that will attach to a water source. It is a mobile, hand-controlled scrubbing brush designed to be controlled by an operater from 5 to 25 feet away. Electric powered brushes save considerable time compared to traditional waterfed pole brushes. Requirements: 24v Power Supplied by Battery system and water source, brush operates best at 1.5 to 2.5 gallons per minute water flow of Tap, Deionized or RO Pure Water. Powered by 24v Power Source this Rotary Brush can be used with tap water pressure or the feed water can be boosted using a wash pump or boost pump

Rotary Brush Pole Adaptor 50ft 300psi is used with Gardiner poles to attach the Rotary Brushes, both Pressure Washer Water Powered Brushes. The aluminum tip replaces the #1 Section in any Gardiner pole. Used to support the powered rotary brushes for Atrium and Solar Panel cleaning and connect them to various water sources. Assembly requried: Send the 1/4in tip of the hose through the pole and then attcah the pole adaptor to the end of the 1/4in male connctor on the hose. Add the M22 Fitting to the adaptor then select the appropriate fittings to connect to your water source. Attach the powered rotary brush directly to the tip of the pole adapter.

Wiring Kit with Directional Switch contains a 66ft of cable from the battery/power source to the switch and another 33 ft of cable from the switch to the brush connector. The ends that connect to the battery will need to have the correct Terminals attached to accommodate the battery connections. Brush, Batteries and Connectors Sold Separately. The Switch Box contains a 15 amp Fuse. Check this fuse if the brush stops suddenly.