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RODI DIY Components

With the help of DIY RODI components you can build a new water purification plant or maintain an existing one by your self based in your house, office, warehouse, garage or building premises. You can shop brands like JRacenstein and Protool which are very reliable


Pure Water is created by removing the sediments and total dissolved solids (TDS) from the water. The process of making pure water involves a chemical and electrical process. JRacenstein provides all the DIY RODI components to build your own RODI water purification.

Whether you want to shop DI Resin for water purification or be it the RO membrane or the carbon filter or if you are looking for a quality replacement pumps for water and chemicals. Even small accessories like ball valves, brackets for the housing, polyethylene tubes, hose barb, tee fitting, etc. can be ordered from our website.

40in filters offer the best flow and service life, the products offered here provide excelent water qualight and lomg service life.
  • 40in Carbon Filter - 80,000 gallons - Change once per year when used regularly, minimum every 2 years for lightly uses systems.
  • 40in RO Industry Standard Membrane provides greater than 1gpm flow and with the proper startup and end of job procedure followed will last 5 to 7 years.
  • 40In DI offers an industry leading amount DI Resin, with a long service interval, change when the water output rises above 10tds on your meter.

RODI System Plumbing Example

Installation Example

In this case there are Two RO Membranes running in parallel to produce more water. The DI Housing is located elsewhere in the Van.



The number one reason why RO membranes fail in the field is the carbon filter dies quickly and is not replaced.

A Regular Carbon Filter replacement and Service interval is important for that.

Which is why our H2Pro and this Build your own System store page offer Carbon Filters with a 1 to 2 year service life.

The small Carbon filter on most system needs to be replaced every 6 to 8 weeks,

The maintenance is not costly as the filters are inexpensive, but very expensive if the maintenance is forgotten, and the Carbon filter is not replaced as once dead it takes a couple of months for the RO to fail and you are now buying a new RO because of that small filter.