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32in Water Powered Rotary Brush Complete Kit

Quick Overview

  • Designed to clean Solar Panels, Atrium Glass, flat Glass Skylights, this is a complete brush and pole kit that will attach to a small pressure washer and water source
  • It is a mobile, hand-controlled scrubbing brush designed to be controlled by an operater from 5 to 25 feet away
  • Water Powered, via a pressure washer, these Brushes save considerable time compared to traditional waterfed pole brushes
  • Requirements: 2.7GPM 3000psi Pressuer Washer, a water source, brush operates best at 2.5 gallons per minute water flow with a small Pressure Washer
  • Powered by a small pressure washer Rotary Brush can be used with tap water or RO Water for spot free rinsing

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32in Water Powered Rotary Brush Complete Kit

Brush and Pole Kit with Hose 

32in Water Powered for Cleaning Large Surfaces

The rotating roller brush was designed and built to clean solar panels, vinyl and aluminum siding.
It is a mobile, hand-operated unit designed to be positioned and operated manually on the surface to be cleaned.
Rotary hydrokinetically brushes offer considerable time savings in the cleaning operation performed on solar panels and building surfaces when compared to traditional fixed brushes. 

Pressure Washer not included

- 600 to 700PSI (40 to 50 BAR) pressure at brush head max
- 2.3 to 3 Gallons per minute (9 to 11LPM) consumption
Max. Water Temperature: 104° F (40° C)

For Pressure washing sizing the brush is the same usage as a #7 tip

Pressure washer:

Recommended Pressure Washer: 2.5 gallons per minute, 2500psi

Weight: 12.5lbs

32inch Rotating Brush Water Powered for Solar Panels

Includes the Pole, Attachment hose and Brush Adaptor, Water powered Rotating Brush 32in

Rotating Brush User Manual

Instructions for Use:
  1. Connect the brush to the telescopic lance.
  2. Position the unit on the surface to be cleaned.
  3. Open the water valve on the telescopic lance.
  4. Begin cleaning the surface.
Stopping the Brush - Turning off the cleaning
  1. Close the telescopic lance’s valve.
  2. Turn off the water supply
  3. Open the telescopic lance’s valve to discharge the residual pressure.

Connecting to the Gardiner SLX Pole

Assemble the pole adaptor and hose so that the hose is through the center of the pole, Attach the Pole Adaptor to the 1/4in Fitting that exits the top of the ope, and at the bottom of the pole attache the fittings you intend to use to the 3/8in m,ale hose end ...

Then to attach the 24v powered brush to the Pole Adaptor using the M22 Twist Fitting


Width: 31.5 in.(800mm)
Diameter: 5.9 in. (150mm)
Weight: 9.47 lbs (4.3Kg)
Bristle: 0.6 in.(15mm)
Attachment: M22 x 1.5mm Connector

Using water on glued parts may cause them to become detached. Do not use the unit on wood floors or parquet that are not well-sealed.
Be careful when cleaning doors, parquet, painted surfaces or surfaces coated with synthetic products, and aluminum panels.
Before using the brush, we advise performing a test on a portion of the surface that is not in view, to prevent damage or alterations during cleaning.

Verify in the photovoltaic system’s operating manual the type of brushes that can be used for cleaning it, so as not to cause abrasions on the panels’ film.

It is important to avoid all operating situations that could cause repeated and unexpected stops of the brush’s rotation, such as those specified below:
- In the case of surfaces comprised of panels, the maximum distance between them must be 3 cm to prevent the unit from dropping into the empty space between one panel and the next.
- The surfaces must be as free as possible of protruding parts such as long screws, brackets, and terminals, which could obstruct brush rotation or rharm the bristles.
- This is a low water pressure brush, water can be from the tap, or one of many water pumps and water boost pumpes. Generally less tan 100PSI 

- When not in operation, never allow the unit’s weight to rest on the rollers’ bristles so as not to bend them when resting.

Included in the Kit

Included in the Kit

Regulator and Gauge

Use a Pressure Gauge to undestand the pressure at the brush

Install the Gauge on the water connector on the brush

Test Run your your pressure washer and supply water to the brush from your running pressure washer the PSI should be between 290 psi and 725 psi.

One you have your system setup at the correct pressure ytou can remove and store the gauge for future testing

Alway test again after a pressure washer has been worked on or should a different pressre washer is put in place to power the brush


If your pressure Washer is running the brush at more that 725PSI then immediatly stop the water flow.

You can try a smaller pressure washer or install and adjust a  Pressure Regulator to set the pressure to the suggested 600 to 650 psi to run the brush. (Max 725psi)

How to check your Flow from your Pressure Washer

Place the brush over a 5 Gallon bucket and time how long it takes to Fill the 5 Gallon Bucket it should be filled in between
  • 1min 50 seconds (2.7 gpm) and
  • 2 min 20 seconds (2.14 gpm) 
this is measured at a max of 725psi at the brush, anything longer than 2 minutes 30 seconds is not enough flow.

Regulator and Guage not included

Testing and Setting Water Pressure 

If your pressure washer is to big you will need to usea Pressure Regulator to control the Pressure - Target 600 to 650 PSI.

Here the gauge is installed 

Attached to the Pressure washer and run the brush, ig you are between 550 and 650psi you are good to go.

Gauge is included in Kit

Attach a Pressure Regulator and Test, Set PSI

If the pressure is more than 725 PSI then install and adjust a pressure regulator to the target of 600 to 650psi. (Max 725) 

Pressure Regulator is included in the Kit

Gauge can be removed for day to day use

Once you know your settings are correct you may remove th egauge for day to day cleaning

Keep the gauge handy should the pressure washer used be swapped out so you can test again

Pressure Regulator is included in the Kit

This Kit includes the items below:

890-4390 - SLX Powerwash 34ft Carbon Fiber Pole (Qty:1)
74-4204 - Plug 3/8in Steel/Zinc FPT (Qty:1)
74-4203 - Plug 3/8in Steel/Zinc MPT (Qty:1)
74-4201 - Coupler 3/8in PW Steel/Zinc MPT (Qty:1)
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