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Rotary Brush Pole and Hose Adaptor 50ft 3200psi

Quick Overview

  • Adapter for Rotary Water Powered Solar Brushes 3200psi
  • M22 Twist Adapter
  • Ball Valve included
  • 50ft of High Pressure Hose

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Rotary Brush Pole and Hose Adaptor 50ft 3200psi

This pole adapter is used with Gardiner poles to attach the Rotary Brushes, both Pressure Washer Water Powered Brushes
The aluminum tip replaces the #1 Section in any Gardiner pole.

Used to support the powered rotary brushes for Atrium and Solar Panel cleaning and connect them to various water sources.

Assembly requried: Send the 1/4in tip of the hose through the pole and then attcah the pole adaptor to the end of the 1/4in male connctor on the hose. Add the M22 Fitting to the adaptor then select the appropriate fittings to connect to your water source

Attach the powered rotary brush directly to the tip of the pole adapter

Send 1/4in End of Hose through Pole

When out the other side attach pole Adaptor

Tighten the Pole Adaptor and M22 14MM fitting to the end of the hose

Completed Pole Top configuration

Ball Valve with Plated Steel Connectors included in Hose and Adaptor Kit

This Kit includes the items below:

74-4202 - Coupler 3/8in PW Steel/Zinc FPT (Qty:1)
74-4959 - Ball Valve Assy 4500psi with QC (Qty:1)

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