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ProTool SS RODI Cart and Gardiner CLX 27ft Kit

Quick Overview

  • Boasts a Stainless Steel frame with a solid wide base andfor exceptional durability, stability, and suitable for demanding cleaning tasks
  • Best in class 20" Carbon and DI filters
  • 1.5gpm of pure water production with good tap water pressure from the 40in membrane
  • Gardiner CLX 27ft pole
  • Everything you need to connect the pole and cart

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Item #: 150-0545

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ProTool SS RODI Cart and Gardiner CLX 27ft Kit

ProTool Residential Kit

The ProTool RO/DI Cart paired with the CLX 27-Foot Waterfed Pole forms an exceptional cleaning kit that combines efficiency, durability, and user-friendly features. The RO/DI Cart is loaded with essential features, including a built-in TDS meter, three-way valve, pressure gauge, on/off valve, and more, providing users with comprehensive control and monitoring capabilities. Its solid wide base and stainless steel frame ensure durability, and being made in the United States, it reflects a commitment to quality craftsmanship. The CLX 27-Foot Waterfed Pole, designed for residential cleaning, is true to its length and features smart clamps and electrical protection, enhancing safety and ease of use. Together, this kit offers a powerful and reliable solution for residential cleaning needs, catering to both efficiency and user convenience.

This is an entry level kit design to give you the best bang for your buck performance on the market. With over 1gpm of RO water and a 27ft Gardiner Pole, there is no residential job you can't clean. 

Everything you need to clean any residential job. 

ProTool Cart Overview:

The ProTool RO/DI Cart SS stands out as an exceptional choice for various cleaning applications due to its comprehensive features and robust construction. Equipped with a built-in TDS meter, three-way valve, pressure gauge, and on/off valve, this cart offers users precise control and monitoring capabilities for water quality and flow during cleaning tasks. Its solid wide base and stainless steel frame ensure durability and reliability even in demanding working environments. Manufactured in the United States with a commitment to quality craftsmanship, the ProTool RO/DI Cart SS guarantees superior performance and longevity, making it a reliable and efficient solution for professional cleaning needs

With best in class Carbon and DI filter size, this cart runs longer between filter changes. This system does not compromise performance for price.

Gardiner CLX 27:

The Gardiner CLX hybrid 27ft pole is a 4 section telescopic carbon composite pole. Best for working with heights of 32 ft. Clean every window on every residential job.

This pole comes with a Gardiner Super Lite 11in  brush, smart clamps, gooseneck, all season hose & connector.

It also has the option to add extension piece to reach 32 feet. 

This Kit includes the items below:

150-0521 - ProTool Cart SS Water Powered (Qty:1)
890-4272 - CLX 27ft pole only (Qty:1)

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Original Price: $3,010.40