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ProTool Kits Water Fed

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If you plan to clean low to mid-rise commercial commercial buildings, or want to keep your residential house and complex dirt free then you are at the right place because JRacenstein offers perfect starter kits which will serve your purpose.

All ProTool Kits Water Fed Products

Water Fed Kits

JRacenstein provides exclusively designed Water fed starter kits after years of experience in the industry and thru in depth research over time. We classify them as Residential starter kit and Commercial starter kit.

Commercial Starter Kit : This is the best combination for low rise commercial Water Fed Cleaning. The Gardiner SLX has been the best selling commercial pole for a long time. Paired with the H2Pro, this combination can clean any low rise commercial building off tap water alone.

Residential Starter Kit : This is the ULTIMATE combination to get into the Water Fed Market. With Gardiner's strong reputation in the Pole Systems world, and Unger's famous German Engineering, you truly get the best of both worlds.

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