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Water Pump Kit 110v 5 GPM 90psi

Quick Overview

  • This Kit is ready to be asembled and put to use via a connection to Garden Hose fittings or 1/2in NPT Female connections
  • Capable of continuous operation below 30psi pressure, Able to run Dry
  • Chemical Resistant Components Rated for SH
  • Quality Pump for Water and Chemicals
  • Transfer 50 Gallons in 17 Minutes or less

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 Available Late April
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Water Pump Kit 110v 5 GPM 90psi

Water Pump Kit 110v 90psi 5gpm max, - 3 gpm nominal

Includes the Pump 90psi 5.0gpm Transfer Pump 110v and fittings, tubing to connect to Garden Hose connectors or 1/2in NPT Female pipe connections

Transfer Pump for Water, SH (Sodium Hypochlorite, Bleach), Detergent Mixes, Non Flammable Fluids

Can be Used to Transfer chemicals from One Tank to another Tank at 17GPM


  • 1/2 in. slide ports
  • Capable of running dry
  • Demand pump @ 90psi Max
  • 110v permanent magnet motor weather sealed pump
  • 6ft long Power Cord with 3 Prong Grounded Plug 
  • Totally enclosed non-venting
  • Thermally protected
  • Female Garden Hose input fitting
  • Male Garden Hose output Fitting
  • Tube to 1/2in Male NPT fittings
  • 4 ft of 1/2in Blue Polyethelene Tubing
  • Slide Connectors to connect the Pump to the Tubing
Note: Some Assembly needed for the fittings and Tubing

This pump is meant to be used at lower pressures (35 to 45psi) with water, SH, Chemical Batches

Useful for:

  • Loading RO or purified Water into a Delivery Tank on a Vehicle
  • Loading SH (Bleach) from an on property storage tank to the Tank on a Service Vehicle
  • Loading a Premixed or Mixing a Batch of Chemical mix onto a service vehicle from multipe on site Tanks.

Flow at



20 psi

40 psi

60 psi

80 psi

90 psi







In Gallons Per Minute

NSF Rated Standard 58

Thermally protected motor, at a typical flow rate of 3 Gallons per minute though a 1/2 inch ID hose (or Larger) and at 30PSI this pump will run continuously and transfer 50 Gallons in about 17 minutes.

However through a smaller hose (5/16in or smaller ID) and running at a higher pressure of 70psi this pump will run about 8 minutes and only flow 2.9 gallons per minute or about 23 gallons of product before thermally shutting down,

1/2 inch ID Hose or Poly Tube is recommended for continuous use, with a Minimum 3/8in ID Hose to extend pump longevity.

The motor requires 40 minutes of cooling time should it shutdown before running again.

Slide Port Fittings allow for easy Pump removal, This could be to bring it in out of the weather or to allow for movement of the pump from on Tank Station to another Station or if the pump needs to be replaced for other reasons.

This Kit includes the items below:

150-708g - Male Connector NPTF 1/2 x 1/2 (Qty:1)
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