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ProTool DIY RO DI Wall Mount Dual RO Kit

Quick Overview

  • 2 - 40" Stainless Steel Housings and 2 - 20" Plastic Housings
  • 20" Carbon, 20" DI and 2 - 40" RO filters
  • 2 - 5.3 GPM pumps
  • 2 - 2.25 GPM of RO water production and 3.5 GPM+ of pure water production to the brush
  • Stainless Steel Wall Mount for easy installation in your truck, trailer or van.

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DIY RO DI Wall Mount Dual RO Kit

Sump Style Carbon and DI Filters with Two SS RO Housings Kit Overview:

  • 2 - 40in RO Membranes in SS Housings 
Offering excellent filter life and lots of water flow

  • 1 - 20"  Carbon Filter and Housing 
    Long Lasting Filter, Change once every 6 mos
  • 1 - 20" DI Filter and Housing
    Great Capacity DI Cartridge, reduces Refills
  • 2 - 12v pumps for RO boost and water delivery 
Produces 2 - 2.25 GPM of RO production into tank
3.5 GPM (plus) of pure water delivered to the brush
  • Pump controller offers precise control of water flow, extends pump and battery life
  • Wall mounts for easy installation
  • Rivnuts for easy assembly
  • Everything you need to assemble is included, except for tank and 12V battery. 
  • Screw driver, nut driver and electrical tool is included. Power tools a luxury. 

Installation Example:

Plate with Dual RO Membrane and the Carbon and DI Filters install in Van, 2 ROs pumps will make 2 Gallons per minute into the tank.

Installation as shown from just outside the Van

Pumps (RO Pressure and Operator Deliver Pump) and Controller are mounted on a plate and located within easy reach of the door

Pump Plate Detail

The Pump Controller extends battery life, controls water flow for the operator and is easy to use. 5 GPM. 

The Pump Controller manages water flow from the pump from as low as 1/2  gallon a minute for 1st floor windows to 3.5 GPM for Solar Work

Installation as shown from just outside the Van

Pumps (RO Pressure and Operator Deliver Pump) and Controller are mounted on a plate and located within easy reach of the door

Water connection next to the pump plateis Bypass water out from the RO membranes.

Van Installation Details:

Tank Based system

This tank based DIY system is unmatched. Produce RO water in to a holding tank. Deliver pure water at 3.5 GPM +. All at an unbeatable price.

Excellent Water flow Similar to tap water, or DI tank pressure and flow.

*Kit Does not come with tank

Wall Mount for Housings

  • Aluminum frame fits 2 stainless steel housings and 2 plastic housings. 
  • Rivnuts for mounting all housings and brackets
  • Mount in a van, on a flat bed truck or trailer
  • 1 Carbon Filter
  • 2 RO filters
  • 1 DI filter

Wall Mount for Pumps

  • 2 - 12V pumps for RO boost and delivery
  • Bus bars to manage electrical wires
  • 40 amp breaker switches 
  • Spring V16 Pump controller for full control over water flow for one user
  •  3.5 GPM of pure water is capable of running two operators off one line. 


This kit ships in a flat pack box. Assembly is required.

Pump posts and electrical components are pre-installed. 

Simply add the pumps on the posts and secure with jam nuts. Use the provided quick connects to connect the electrical wires. 


The main reason RO membranes fail in the field is the carbon filter dies quickly and is not maintained.

Regular maintenance of the Carbon Filter important to RO service life. 

Which is why this kit offers a 6 month Carbon Filter life, Change in February and August 

Many other systems with smaller Carbon filter require the Carbon filter to be replaced every 6 weeks.

The maintenance cost is kept low as the filters are relatively inexpensive, but poor maintenance can drive up the costs. RO's will fail after just a few months without a properly maintained carbon filter. 

Batter, Battery Box, Tank and Reels Hoses depicted are not included in kit

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