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How Gardiner’s Modular Poles Save You Money, Time, and Energy

Unlike many water fed pole (WFP) brands, Gardiner’s poles are modular. This means that you can add lengths to your existing pole without having to invest in an entirely new WFP. 

Say, for example, you have a 27-foot Gardiner Sectional WFP. That pole is a great length for residential work because you can easily clean 95% percent of homes with that pole. But what if you have a home on a hill and you need a little extra reach? Rather than having to purchase a new, longer pole, or turn down the job, you can simply add an extension. The extension costs less than you will likely make on the job, and now you're set up for a higher cleaning projects.

While purchasing the right water fed pole for your needs is important, with Gardiner poles, it’s not an end-all decision. That’s because Gardiner poles are modular, giving your tons of flexibility and use for different sized projects.

Yes, there are some other modular poles on the market, but none are as rigid or lightweight as a Gardiner. The lighter and more rigid your WFP, the easier and less tiring it is to use. Easier cleaning means more productive workers, and that, in turn, means more profit.

The key is choosing the right Gardiner pole and extensions for your specific needs. 

Gardiner Poles Work as a System

Gardiner builds its poles to work together as an interchangeable system. 

Each Gardiner pole comes with several sections. Most Gardiner poles can be boosted with a #10 extension – or the new even stronger #11 – once it has 9 sections. The #10 and #11 extensions fit on the bottom of any #9 base section. The first #10 or #11 slides over the #9, like a telescopic pole, but the next #10 or #11 fits directly on to the prior #10 or #11 extension, with an overlap of 8 to 10 inches to help add strength and rigidity.

Some poles, like the SLX 30 or 35, only come with 7 or 8 pieces, so you have to add the missing pieces (i.e., #7, #8, and/or #9) prior to adding the number #10 or #11.

While number #10 or #11 extensions can be added to most Gardiner Poles (the CLX being the exception because it is a hybrid, only 4 pieces, and not as strong), not all Gardiner poles are built the same. The stronger the material for the pole, the higher the maximum height you can reach. Let's take a look:

The Gardiner SLX , made from 100% carbon fiber, is 39 feet when a #9 is added to it, and can be extended with #10 or #11 extensions to reach a maximum of 60 feet. 

The Gardiner Xtrememade from 9-Section High Modulus Carbon Fiber, is 47 feet with a #9, and can be extended  with #10 or #11 extensions to a maximum of 80 feet.

The Gardiner Ultimate, made from High Modulus Carbon Fiber and a Kevlar bottom, is 46 feet with a #9, and can be extended with #10 or #11 extension to a maximum of 90 feet. 

At J. Racenstein, we have also built specialized kits in varying lengths, all using #10 extensions. This helps add rigidity and makes the poles ready to be used for additional services, such as gutter vacuuming and high dusting.

Gardiner 27-Foot Sectional Water Fed Pole

Great for residential work (2 stories) and small commercial buildings.

Gardiner 38-Foot Sectional Water Fed Pole Kit

Reaches most 4-story windows

How High can Gardiner Poles Really Clean?

In this photo Steve Blyth and Doug Apt demonstrated the 90 ft Ultimate Carbon Kevlar by Gardiner. This pole comes with the base Kevlar/Carbon 46 foot pole and eight 5.5 ft extensions. This configuration allowed us to clean the glass at 90 ft high!  

Gardiner Modular Poles Let You Clean More Than Windows

Another great thing about Gardiner's modular poles is that they can be used for more than just window cleaning, allowing you to offer multiple services using the same WFP pole system you already own. 

With a few simple twists of the wrist, your Gardiner #10 pole extensions can easily be transformed into three types of cleaning poles, providing a cost-effective, flexible, and efficient solution for cleaning high-level areas safely from the ground.

By easily adding the correct adapters, your Gardiner pole and #10 extensions can quickly be converted into three distinct poles:

  • A water fed pole for glass
  • An exterior vacuum pole for gutters
  • An interior vacuum pole for high dusting

All three systems offer the quality, rigidity, flexibility, and reliability that has made Gardiner the top-selling pole in the UK and a favorite among our customers. 

Gutter Cleaning Kit

Statistics show that around 500,000 Americans are treated for ladder-related injuries each year. As a window cleaner, you probably already recognize the value of being able to clean windows safely from the ground.

These safety principles also apply to gutter cleaning, which can now be done using the same basic Gardiner WFP system you use on windows, with a few additional attachments. Now you have a convenient, economical, and most of all, safe gutter cleaning option.

Kit Includes:

Gardiner Sections

  • Turn Over Vacuum Heads
  • Vacuum Nozzles
  • Vacuum Cuffs

Available in 27, 38, & 49 ft

High Dusting Kit

Looking for a new niche to help you stay busy during the slow window cleaning months? High dusting is a much needed and required service in many industries, and the same basic Gardiner carbon fiber pole sections can provide quick and easy interior vacuum cleaning capabilities. Simply switch out the end attachments, add to your favorite industrial-grade vacuum system, and point the attachments toward the area that needs to be cleaned. It’s an efficient and economical solutions for high dusting in retail stores, churches, hotels, warehouses, stadiums, or anywhere else that there are high ceilings in need of cleaning — all safely from the ground. No need to pull out the ladders or rent a lift.

Gardiner Modular Poles Let Your Team Clean More Efficiently

Finally, Gardiner's Modular Systems let you have more technicians cleaning without the need for an entirely new pole. For example, if you have a 60-foot pole kit, you can not only now reach up to 7 story-windows, you can break it down into two residential poles by simply purchasing the additional parts (gooseneck, brush, hose, etc.). Again, Gardiner's modular poles a smart, affordable option for getting more use out of your Water Fed Pole system!