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  • Brush Cobweb Ettore
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Brush Cobweb Ettore

Quick Overview

  • Utilizes electrostatic charge to effectively dust surfaces
  • Designed for use on walls, ceilings, window screens, and more
  • Threaded handle easily fits a threaded pole for high-up cleaning
  • Contoured shape and soft bristles remove dust and cobwebs from corners and baseboards

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Brush Cobweb Ettore

Contoured shape and soft bristles remove dust and cobwebs from corners and baseboards. Great for outdoor use.

The Ettore Cobweb Duster is designed to clean wall corners, cobwebs, lamps, window screens and more. This duster clicks onto Ettore's REA-C-H extension poles for easy high reach cleaning.

  • Cleans all surfaces with electrostatic action: cobwebs, walls, ceilings, window screens and more
  • Contoured shape and soft bristles removes the dust and cobwebs from window screens
  • Threaded handle securely attaches to extension pole that are compatible
  • Bristles are Ideal for cleaning high corners and crown molders

Remove All The Cobwebs from Your Home

Remove Cobwebs With One Simple Swipe

Soft Bristles Will Not Damage Or Scratch Surfaces

Great for Indoors and Outdoors

Removes Dust, Debris, And Cobwebs From Pool Warden

Bristles Are Ideal For Cleaning Tight Spaces