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Duster Static Ettore

Quick Overview

  • Polyester fibers utilize electrostatic action to trap dust
  • Flexible headbands help reach difficult and tight spaces
  • Ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip
  • Click-lock feature easily attaches to extension pole for high reach cleaning

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Item #: 63-102  UPC : 032611481213  MPN : 48121



 Available Early May
This is an obsolete Item

Duster Static Ettore

Removes dust from any surface. Flexible head and bristles work great on window blinds or any hard to reach area.

Poly Duster (Head Only)

Ettores Poly Duster is a versatile duster that could clean up any surface or object.

  • Electrostatic action attracts dust/dirt with its polyester fibers
  • Pliable head that bends to comfort angle
  • Easily attachable to poles with click-lock to clean high to reach areas
  • High Impact Plastic that makes the handle sturdy

Compatible with Ettore Extention Poles
  • Available only in one color
  • Fits in tight spaces
  • Long Handle

Clean surfaces or objects with the Poly Duster that combines polyester fibers and ergonomic handle to clean hard to reach places.

This duster click-locks onto ettore's extension pole.

Lint free soft microfiber bristles.

Contour shape to fit ceiling fan blades.

Extension pole not included

This Poly Duster is designed to clean wall corners, cobwebs, lamps and more. This duster is lightweight and easy to use. It features a hang hole for hanging.

  • Polyester fibers attract dust with electrostatic action
  • Ergonomic Handle for easy cleaning
  • Flexible head bends to adapt to hard to reach places
  • Click-lock feature easily attaches to extension pole for high reach cleaning