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  • Gardiner Brush Ultimate Hybrid 4 pencils


Gardiner Pole Systems

Gardiner Brush Ultimate Hybrid 4 pencils

Quick Overview

  • Gardiner Brushes support a variety of cleaning tasks
  • Features the Gardiner Jet Capsule Systemy
  • Wide Variety of attachments to tackle your cleaning needs
  • Quick-loq "Square" Snap connectors offers a secure brush with convenient accessories swappingtamemts
  • Clean Safely and efficiently from the Ground

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Item #: 158-41M

$54.25 - $108.00

Size / Bristle Selection

8 options available.
This is an obsolete Item

Gardiner Brush for Water Fed poles

Gardiner Brushes
feature the Quick-Loq "Square" adaptor that makes brush management easy and secure, no spinning brushes and easy swap or gooseneck changes.

The Capsule jets are easy to change or replace to get the precise water flow you are looking for.

Ultimate™ – A lightweight everyday brush with more compact bristle length. An excellent balance between light weight, glass coverage & longevity Available is several bristle styles, Stiff, Medium/Soft and Flocked.

Super-Lite® – Gardiner's original full-bodied longer bristled brush. Excellent all-rounder with great longevity & glass coverage. Best Selling Gardiner Water-Fed Brush.

Sill Style Brush offers Medium Soft Bristles with a radius platform for splaying the brush to clean the sills, frames, excellent at leaded glass.

Universal™ Sill – A robust ‘all round’ cleaning stiff bristle brush for getting into every corner, frame and sill - clean everything from one brush. Robust side bristles offer great cleaning power

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