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  • Gardiner Ultimate HM-Kevlar Replacement Sections


Gardiner Pole Systems

Gardiner Ultimate HM-Kevlar Replacement Sections

Quick Overview

  • Ultimate Rigidity & Ease of Use when working at serious heights
  • Optional Extra - Control Bars - these require self-assembly and fitting
  • High Modulus Carbon Fibre & Kevlar Fully Telescopic Pole
  • Base Handle Section #9 & #7 have Outer Insulated Layer for Safety - has been tested to resist up to 5,000v with an average resistance of 3.2 GO
  • Fully Telescopic Extender Packs Feature new Quick-Release Control-Bar System for greater control and safety at height

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Gardiner Ultimate HM-Kevlar Replacement Sections

Our most Rigid High-Reach Pole - Designed for the Professional working at height

9-14 Section Ultra High Modulus Telescopic Pole with Extender top section

  • Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Mix Telescopic Pole
  • The most rigid high-reach 'fully telescopic' pole on the Planet!
  • Top section can be removed and replaced with adapter to further increase the rigidity if needed
  • Can be 'broken-down' to a 6 or 7 section pole with insulated handle to maximize the use of the investment
  • Reduce 'lost energy' and 'lack of control' when working at heights up to 78 ft
  • Increase productivity, speed & control on the job
  • Please note that the color of the pole will vary from the photo - the Kevlar section is now a darker shade of material

If you regularly work at heights from 46-79ft then the Gardiner Ultimate High-Reach has been designed for you.

  • Light weight - constructed using ultra high modulus carbon fiber technology - with Carbon/Kevlar composite construction
  • The most rigid high level professional fully telescopic pole on the planet!
  • Featuring the Patented Gardiner Smart Clamps - Patent Serial Number GB2512390
  • Robust Thermoplastic & Fiber Glass Reinforced Clamps and Levers
  • Smart Clamps Protected under UK, US, European & Chinese Utility Patents
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