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M22 14MM Twist to M22 14MM Twist Coupler Brass

Quick Overview

  • M22 Metric Twist Female to M22 Female Coupler allows you to connect two male ends
  • This M22 Coupler is great for connecting two M22 style Pressure hoses together
  • Connects a Water Powered Brush to an Extension Wand
  • M22 with 14MM Stem

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Item #: 74-4229  UPC : 669893940635  MPN : D10041



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This is an obsolete Item

Brass Adaptor Connects M22 Twist To M22 Twist Female Threads
•M22 Metric Twist Female on both sides 

This connector is commonly used to connect two M22 style pressure washer hoses together.

Adapst the end of an telescopic extension wand to be able to attach a water powere brush