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  • ProTool Shine Up Soap 1/2 gal
  • ProTool Shine Up Soap 1/2 gal Image 2



ProTool Shine Up Soap 1/2 gal

Quick Overview

  • Protect and seal your car while you wash
  • Repels Dirt and Water
  • High Foaming
  • Easy Rinse
  • Concentrate - Makes 32 washes!

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ProTool Shine Up is the ideal auto wash soap that shines and protects your car!

ShineUp includes polymers to help enhance that water repellant shine you are looking for.

Shines the Surface

ProTool Shine Up Soap reinvigorates and maintains the natural shine of our car! Keeps your car looking shiny longer

Protects your Car

ProTool Shine Up Soap applies special water repelling properties to your car keeping it cleaner longer. It protects the paint by keeping of water spots and contaminants from drying on the surface.

High Foaming

High Foaming properties and rinsing agents allow for a smooth glide off vehicle keeping contaminants in soap and away from paint. 

Works GREAT with the ProTool Wash Sprayer!


  1. Add 1-2 oz. of Wash Up to the ProTool Wash Sprayer Foamer Gun for excellent results, or add 2-4 oz per gallon of water in a bucket and mix well to work up suds. For High Foaming action, use 2-4 OZ of Wash Up in the Foamer Gun.

  2. Pre-wet car with a hose to remove excess dirt and to cool the surface.

  3. Apply Wash Up via the ProTool Foamer gun or via sponge/applicator. If suds dry on the surface re apply soap.

  4. Agitate dirty areas with a sponge where necessary.

  5. Rinse off soap for a nice shine. Use the Rise and Go for a touchless and spot-free dry.

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