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Pulex Channel

Quick Overview

  • Use with quick release handles, swivel, or Stutzy handles
  • Available in Stainless Steel, Brass and Aluminum
  • Brass Classic Channel Design uses end clips
  • Technolite offers clipless rubber retention
  • Rubber Blade included with Channel

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Item #: 02-3M

$2.60 - $9.10

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33 options available.
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Pulex Channel - Technolite, Stainless Steel or Brass

Brass Channel

The brass squeegee is the classic tool used by window cleaners. The rubber blade is secured in the channel by two clips at either end, enabling you to adjust the tension of the rubber blade and keep it stiff at the ends. The channel is made of extra-stiff brass and the solid brass handle is anatomically shaped and warm to the touch. The channel is secured to the handle by means of two screws.

Technolite Channel

Technolite combines the classic qualities of easy handling and smooth movement typical of all squeegees and has features that improve performance in all conditions. The Technolite handle and channel together are ergonomically shaped for a comfortable grip. The Technolite system is 20% lighter than the standard stainless steel handle and channel yet offers all of the strength and rigidity The Technolite Channels holds the rubber by means of a rear mounted spring plate.

Aluminum Channel

Made entirely of high impact aircraft-grade anticorrosion aluminum this channel with rubber blade is a special tool designed for special needs is the result of IPC Pulex’s efforts to make the window cleaner’s job easier.

Stainless Steel Channel

The channel is locked onto the handle by means of two teeth at the top of the spring that fit into the corresponding holes. These holes are at regular intervals so that the channel and rubber blade can be secured off-center as required and they increase the reach of the squeegee so that you can get to the top of the window without using a ladder.
Item #:02-3M

$2.60 - $9.10

Item #:10-32M

$4.25 - $5.80

Item #:10-33M

$10.95 - $14.25

Item #:11-33M

$8.50 - $14.45

Item #:11-32M

$6.25 - $11.55