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Super Brush Ettore

Quick Overview

  • Multi-purpose brush with new Pro+ comfortable handle
  • Super system handle quickly adjusts to any angle
  • Ideal for high reach cleaning and great for ducts, screens, and vents
  • The brush attaches onto Ettore’s REA-C-H extension poles

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Item #: 63-109  UPC : 032611019478  MPN : 1947



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This is an obsolete Item

Super Brush Ettore

Multi-purpose brush with new Pro Plus comfort handle to reach dirty cleaning jobs easily.

Durable dusting brush with flagged end bristles. The swivel head allows the brush to be used on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Push fit for Ettore Poles.
Size: 14? x 5? – 35.5cm x 12.7cm

Manufacturer Part Number:1947

Item Code:63-109
CATEGORIES:Extension Pole Accessories Ettore
This large Super Brush is made especially for the Professional.Pole mounted, It has long brushes for a deep clean.

The Ettore Super Brush 1947 is a durable dusting brush with flagged end bristles.
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