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Unger Rubber Replacement

Quick Overview

  • Ergotec Rubber is designed to deliver optimal performance and cleaning
  • Rubber Formulation is designed for streak-free performance
  • Conforms well to uneven surfaces and is designed to slide easily
  • Delivers great glide with excellent feel and cleaning quality
  • Available in 12 Packs or 144 Packs

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Item #: 03-2M

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Unger Ergotec Replacement Squeegee Rubber

ErgoTecĀ® Soft Rubber's consistent sharp edges ensure no streaks every time.

The new and improved rubber formula feels & glides better on windows.

Its higher rubber content with less fillers offer a higher quality and longer lasting rubber

Soft rubber is ideal for cooler working conditions, will glide across the window more smoothly, and will require less pressure than a hard rubber with a shore hardness 53 +/- 2

Hard rubber is designed to work well in warmer conditions and will wear more slowly with a shore hardness 60 +/- 2

Natural molded rubber provides a sharp, long-lasting edge

Window Cleaners love Unger Squeegees for cleaning glass and mirrors the Unger Squeegee is the professionals choice for window cleaning.

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