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Gardiner Backpack Sprayer

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Portable Pure Water cleaning... Great for route work, Balconies, any where where access with traditional hoses is an issue. The Gardiner Backpack offer variable flow and long battery life.

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Gardiner Back-Pack Sprayer

Shop for Gardiner Backpack Sprayer from a trusted source in the building and window cleaning supplies industry, we at JRacenstein are there to take care of your needs.

Gardiner Back-Pack Sprayer features robust motor, strong connections, easy filling, incredibly stable when full, long remaining battery life, high capacity and Variable speed. If you are looking for a specific solution for cleaning glass in your own house which is by the coast and includes a glass balustrade on the first floor or be the French windows in your balconies or let it be the windows of your patio. It's clearly made for professional use for sky scrappers and high rises but I'd thoroughly recommend it for personal home use if you need the same flexibility.

The accessories for the Gardiner Back-Pack Sprayer are also available in stock at Jracenstein.com. Trigger assembly, backpack flow speed controller, replacement pump, backpack strap pairs, hooks for the straps we have everything on our website.