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J.Racenstein Water Hoses for 300ft Size

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We provide Pro Hoses from brands like ettore, Gardiner Pole Systems, Pressure Pro, Tucker Manufacturing, etc. for the purpose of water fed cleaning. These items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while cleaning and prove to be useful.

All J.Racenstein Water Hoses for 300ft Size Products

Hose 1/4in Blue Cover WFP offers a single Water Fed pole operator consistent flow while easily saving wight. Use this size hose to fit longer lengths on the 68-102 Cox Reel where 300ft of 3/8in fits the 1/4 in will be 500ft in length on the reel. Reinforced cover offers superior strength and durability while allowing easy deployment of the hose to your Water Fed pole. The brass 1/4in npt swaged on fittings are durable and can be adapted to fit reels and garden hose connections

Reel w/100ft 1/2in Clear Braid Hose Cox is adjustable Tension Brake prevents freewheeling. Clear braided PVC hose used for a variety of light duty, non-potable water, diluted chemicals and has Long-Handled Lock Pin Secures Reel From Rotation. Made of high purity compounds for a long lasting hose in commercial use. Clear Braid and Low Profile Riser & Open Drum Slot For Smooth, Even Hose Wraps.