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Interior Window Cleaning for 10 Pound Box Packaged

Interior window cleaning tools as an alternative to the mop and squeegee many tools are maintenace cleaning oriented to clean the inside windows from the day to day smudges and finger prints which are left behind.

Interior Window Cleaning

Cleaning interior windows helps to improve the ambience, clean windows are noticed and interior window cleaning can have its challenges to reach certain windows without leaving drips.

"Stingray Indoor Cleaning Kit 10ft" is lint free, easy glide microfiber collects dust, fingerprints, grease & other light dirt. Its elastic straps in each corner to secure the pad in place. The 1 inch deep microfiber edge for simultaneous cleaning of windows and frames. 

The "Butterfly kit" from Ettore is also a great product, it is a combination of 2 mop heads and a dual head adapter. Use this technique on an extention pole to clean windows indoor. You can use extra pads when cleaning many windows.