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Gardiner WFP Accessories for Extension Feature

The addons annd accesories you need fort the Gardiner line of waterfed poles. Parts and accessories for Gardiner poles are available here on our website, bringing your window cleaning business to new heights. 

Gardiner Accessories

Accessories play a very vital role in executing the cleaning tasks for windows and gardening. A missing piece of accessory can lead to complete halt of the cleaning process and we recommend you to always have such important accessories in spare to run your business uninterrupted.

Their is no other way to run your water fed cleaning setups in a much reliable way with using Gardiner brand accessories and no other website other than JRacenstein.com to shop for them. 

Gardiner Extensions, Control Bars, Kevlar Sections, Sectional Components, SuperMax HM Carbon Sections, Replacement Gardiner Clamps, Pole Hose Connectors, Gardiner Pole Hose, Pole Adaptors, WFP Brushes, CLX/SLX Replacement Parts, Carbon & Alloy Goosenecks, Gardiner End Caps, XTreme HM Carbon Sections, SLX Carbon Sections, CLX Carbon Composite Sections and many more, we have all the accessories for you to choose for your precise requirement.

Gardiner Brush for Water Fed poles feature the Quick-Loq "Square" adaptor that makes brush management easy and secure, no spinning brushes and easy swap or gooseneck changes. The Capsule jets are easy to change or replace to get the precise water flow you are looking for. A lightweight everyday brush with more compact bristle length. An excellent balance between light weight, glass coverage & longevity Available is several bristle styles, Stiff, Medium/Soft and Flocked.

Brush Ultimate 18in TaperTec Gardiner 4 Jets is the ultimate in cleaning, offers superior scrubbing power, similar to a natural fiber but with out the weight. The TaperTec Bristles are supple, splaying out on the glass easily for superior cleaning while being easy to rinse, the operator is even able rinse on the glass. It is suitable for use with water temperatures up to 90°F and includes 1 pair of Jet Pencil Jet Capsules, tubing and T connector. It attaches to the acclaimed QuickLok Gooseneck system and adaptors, this makes for easy adaptability for cleaning most any surface. Comes with tapered bristles with a dual height and dual bristle tip type. The tapered bristles mimic the effect of natural bristle material, but with greater consistency.

Jet Capsule Extender Bar used when rinsing through the brush to slow, Rinsing above the brush is faster for cleaning Solar Panels, Siding, Granite, etc. Simple to install and remove from any Gardiner Brush with Jet Capsules as well as the Quick-LoQ Scrub Pad Holder. Allows for over the brush rinsing with an easy, simple to install extender. and offers a choice of Jet Capsules to suit your rinsing needs. Better for many applications than a rinse bars as your can easily swap jets, Includes a 50 degree Fan Jet in the mounting point that sprays through the brush. Not suitable for use on windows with Rubber Seals, Recessed or Sash windows where the frame interferes with the brush strokes

Gooseneck QuicK-LoQ DeepReach 34-47in has deep Reach Telescopically Adjustable Gooseneck with Carbon Fibre construction. It has 45° offset angle D shape construction to prevent twisting in use & Fits all Gardiner Poles and Brushes. Gives between 34" - 47" of reach with brush & Can be used with Quick-LoQ Extender to clean canopy roofs etc. Lightweight - 200g & Comes complete with 2m of PU gooseneck hose and 8mm-8mm push-fit connector. Please note: The gooseneck does not come with the brush & pole pictured.

Gooseneck Carbon 10in 55deg Quick-Loq comes with 55° Angle - Recommended for most work over 25-30ft. Photo shows optional Close Coupled Jet Hose Assembly - not included with this product. Please note: The gooseneck does not come with the brush & pole pictured.

Washing Adaptor 3/8in NPTF x 1/4in NPTF adapts Gardiner Pole to support a Solar Brush Connection. Comes with 3/8in Female Thread on Top End with a 1/4in Female Thread on Inserted End. Inserts into No.2 Section on Gardiner Pole. Solar Panel Cleaning is easier with a Quality Gardiner SLX Pole

Gardiner Pole Extensions Modular Pole Extender is a Standard Modular Extension #10 - Can be fitted onto a Super Max 50 or onto the SLX 39 & Super Max 45 with an Extension #9 fitted It can be fitted onto an Xtreme 44 and Xtreme 47 and Full Carbon Fibre Extension Section - Featuring the Gardiner Smart Clamps. We recommend that no more than 4 of these are used with an Xtreme 47 pole and Extra Working Reach: 5.25ft - Comes with #9 end cap fitted.

Gardiner SuperMax HM Carbon Replacement Sections comes with High Modulus Carbon Fiber Sections. It has a very Sturdy Pole Sections for the SuperMax pole and It comes with a easy Replacement Sections include the Clamp and Lever.

Adapter Section #2 Gardiner allow poles to have the top #1 section removed and replaced with this adapter. Goosenecks then fit into the adapter and improves rigidity and strength of poles in use.

Gardiner X3 Xtreme Extensions comes with an Xtreme Pole Replacement Sections. It has a High Modulus Carbon Fiber Construction which provides extra strength. It Includes Gardiner Smart Clamp with Lever System which makes it easy to apply & remove.

Gardiner End Ring Replacements comes in sizes of #4, #7 and #9 Xtreme™ Poles. It protects the pole sections from wear and tear. Please note that just one end ring in the size selected is supplied.

Gardiner Clamp Only comes with Smart Clamp Technology with Nylon Clamp Material. It provides V2 Clamping System prevents Lever Spinning and Patented Level and Clamping design. The most advanced WFP clamping system the Gardiner Smart-Clamp and is the Clamp by itself, Lever sold Separately.

Clamp #1 Complete for Gardiner Poles with Smart Clamp Technology with a Nylon Clamp and Lever Complete. V2 Clamping System prevents Lever Spinning and has Patented Level and Clamping design with internal spring. The most advanced WFP clamping system the Gardiner Smart-Clamp. It includes Clamp, Lever, Barrel Nut, Bolt, Bolt Cap, Spring, Locking Nut & Shim

Gardiner Lever Complete is a replacement Lever Complete for Gardiner Water Fed Poles. Nylon Lever is part of the Smart Clamp System and featuring the most advanced WFP clamping system in the world today. It Fits the Clamps on all Gardiner Poles.