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Miller Portable Roof Anchors

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Roof cleaning anchors provide a safe and secure transportable anchorage point. We provide brands like DBI/Sala, Madcap Safety Products, Miller, Bio Mechanical, etc. for our clients.

All Miller Portable Roof Anchors Products

Portable Roof Anchors

JRacenstein provides roof riggers with OSHA, CAL. OSHA, and ANSI compliant and are chosen by professionals worldwide for their stability, ease of setup and durable long lasting construction.

Some of these Roof cleaning anchors can be disassembled, the parts easily fit in any elevator cabin or through any roof hatch. Also they can be easily positioned, they provide a safe and secure transportable anchorage point.

While some Roof anchors gets you safely from the ladder to the roof peak and back. These are Easy to assemble and use means you will be stepping onto a roof to get the job done quickly and safely .

Apart from Roof cleaning anchors we provide Freestanding counterweight which has built-in shock absorbing post provides added safety to user and structure and fall arrest and restraint rated for one worker for jobsite versatility.

There are other accessories as well as D-ring anchorage plate, Roof anchor positioning pole, Anchorage connector portable/Reusable, Lifting Kit for counterweight anchor. etc.