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J.Racenstein SoftWash Systems

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We provide a variety of Softwash systems for individual professionals in cleaning industry as well as for businesses. We provide brands like Softwash systems, Protool, JRacenstein, etc.

All J.Racenstein SoftWash Systems Products

  • PVC White Boot
    Item #: 55-7M
    $37.50 - $46.85
    4 options available
    PPI: 20650
  • Rain Suit
    Item #: 74-7M
    $25.45 - $25.75
    2 options available
    PPI: 20586.22
  • Safety Glasses Clear
    Item #: 74-7420 MPN: 8697-1420 UPC: 00669893045194
    Regular Price: $4.15
    In Stock
    PPI: 10248
  • Hose PW 50ft 4200psi Gray w/QC
    Item #: 74-3519 MPN: 9.114-440.0 UPC: 00669893040991
    Regular Price: $94.90
    In Stock
    PPI: 10000
  • Hose sweeper nozzle
    Item #: 150-0760 MPN: 699-276 UPC: 00669893018143
    Regular Price: $7.50
    In Stock
    PPI: 10

Softwash Systems

We offer a wide range of Softwash Systems and accessories, below are some of them for your reference.

The Economy Sprayer from Protool is constructed around a super strong polyethylene 52 gallon rectangle tank. The tank walls are reinforced to provide a sturdy Spraying platform and mount for the Reel. Mounted atop is one Titan aluminum and stainless 12” manual U-Frame hose reel. The reel is loaded with 150 feet or food grade clear-braid hose that is rated at 200 psi, ball valve gun and spray tips.

Then we have protective apparels for the sole purpose of life safety which includes safety googles, helmets, vests, boots, earplugs, rain suits, etc. Final Wash is a finishing soap that buffers many surfaces against the corrosive effects of sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide cleaners. Braided hose which is has a High Pressure Braid Reinforced Clear PVC Tubing. Commercial Quality Supply Hose for Tank Filling or Vehicle Water Source

We also provide Plant wash chemicals which are used to Adds back vital nutrients at the base of the plants, helping beneficial bacteria to repopulate the soil and Neutralizes the caustic. Terra Wash which is a softwashing chemical for use on non-organic stains like dust, mineral soiling, grease, and other stains that seem to not clean with bleach based cleaners.

We provide various soft wash accessories like 2 way poly valve, Liquid gauge, Ladder extension, Waterfed pole gun angle adapter, brass adapter, Hose end sprayer and many more.