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Cleaners, Glass Sealers

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Window glass cleaners and glass sealant play a vital role in maintaining and increasing the life of the windows. Jracenstein provides different types of products for glass surface protection, clear view, the make the window glass look glossy and make the windows dust and water proof by providing variety of sealants.

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Cleaners, Glass Sealers

Window glass cleaners typically contain surfactants and solvents that stick to the glass surface and lift dirt and grime, adding extra sparkle to shiny surfaces. They occasionally even include scents for a pleasing aroma. They are mainly used as degreasers to remove any type of sludge created by oil spilling combined with dust overtime. Also cleaners play important role removing oil drop or grease, haze, drop spots, dust, etc. and maintaining the window glasses.

The vast majority of window cleaning is pretty basic; dirty glass is easily cleaned using water, a glass cleaner, a scrubber (washer sleeve), and a squeegee. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending upon your perspective), mineral deposits, residue and other forms of pollutants are more stubborn, and don't simply wash away using this method. More serious tools are commonly used to remove these tougher problems and make the Window Cleaner look like a star.

Most people don't realize that glass is not actually perfectly smooth; if it was it would be easy to remove most forms of dirt. Glass surfaces are pitted with microscopic indentations and this allows solids to bond to the surface. Fortunately for you, a variety of chemicals can be used to rid glass of even the most stubborn deposits. Here is a list of the types of dirt and damage you will come up against, and some of the tools you can use to restore the glass to almost new condition.

The "Glass Gleam" series from Titan labs are excellent cleaning soap solutions which makes squeegees glide by reducing drag. It stays wetter longer and has a pleasant fragrance and leaves no haze, even on polymer treated surfaces. 

Winsol's "Super Slip" is also a great alternative to window cleaning soap, it lubricates your blade increasing rubber life without leaving a residue. With state of the art wetting agents increases blade slip to stop chatter and drag without leading to bleeding.

Apart from these the "Squeegee glide" from Sorbo and Unger's "Easy Glide" cleaner are also some quality products which you can buy and keep your arsenal ready.

Glass Sealers help in increasing the life and maintaining the strength of the window glasses, they also restore the inside insulation of the premises and avoid any leaks which tend leave water leakage or any passage which can give way to dust.

"3-star barrier protectant" from Pro Tool is an amazing product which forms an invisible molecular barrier that protects against scratching, while repelling liquids and dirt. It protects against hard water stains, masonry run-off, atmospheric pollution with no hazing.

Then we have the "Invisible Sheild" from Eliminate that creates an ultra thin polymer coating makes glass, ceramic, porcelain and other surfaces remarkably water, soil and stain repellent.