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Misc Tools & Accessories

These tools and accessories are sometimes the missing links in getting the window cleaning jobs done to perfection,  sleeves for Blind cleaning, Water Keys or or Towel Holders for your belt.

Misc Tools & Accessories

Miscellaneous tools and accessories seem to be not of importance initially at the first glance but when their is a requirement of such specific tools and accessories they turn out to be very handy. Below are some hand picked items you will be always be happy to keep in your cleaning kit.

The "Screen Washer Aztec" is a compact easy to use Screen Washer offers quick water and bristle brush cleaning of your screens. The upright position of the 4 brushes in the frame allows for cleaning of sliding door screens with ease.

The "Mini Blind Duster Ettore" is a microfiber mini blind cleaner duster that easily cleans mini blinds on windows. It easily cleans both sides of most window blinds. Removable microfiber cover is reusable, and machine washable.

"Screen Magic - Screen Cleaner Restorer" Works on all types of screens: bug screens, sliding screen doors, and window screens. It does not mask dust, it organically destroys it, then leaves a dust repellant in its place.