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Gardiner X3 Xtreme 25ft Pole HM Carbon Complete

Quick Overview

  • Xtreme HM Carbon Fiber pole is the go-to pole for regular work above 50 ft
  • Easy-to-use even when extended with extensions to heights of 70+ feet
  • Great balance of lightness, rigidity, and strength
  • 5 section pole with the latest smart clamps
  • Insulated Handle Section has been tested to resist up to 5,000v with an average resistance of 3.2 GO

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 Mid March
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Gardiner X3 Xtreme 25ft Pole HM Carbon Complete

X3 Xtreme Manual

Xtreme Pole Care Guide

  • The Perfect Balance of Lightweight, Rigidity, & Strength
  • Ultimate Lightness & Rigidity - 15% more rigid and 20% stronger than previous Xtreme poles
  • Fully Telescopic Extending Sections
  • 5 Section High Modulus (63.3MSI) Carbon Fibre Telescopic Pole
  • Features latest Smart Clamps with embedded locking nuts
  • Base Handle Section has outer insulated layer for safety
  • Comes Complete with Brush, Quick LoQ Gooseneck, "All Season" Pole Hose & Connector

It's the Xtreme in lightness & rigidity. Ideal for constant high work.

Comes with Super Lite 11in mixed media brush, smart clamps, quick loq gooseneck, all season hose & connector.

Base handle section has outer insulated layer for safety.

The Xtreme Pole the option to add extension pieces.

The lightest, most compact range of high-level telescopic Water Fed poles in the world.

  • Full carbon-fibre construction with MCM insulated handle section providing the rigidity of carbon-fibre throughout the pole whilst keeping you safe from shocks where needed.
  • Features our new Patented nylon clamping system (US Patents, UK Patents & European Patents apply).
  • Twin color overlap system with removable sections.
  • Matte Carbon finish; Easily slide sections apart or collapse.
  • Comes complete with Super-Lite® brush, angle adapter, hose and end connector.
  • Red labels at the end of each section for best clamping locations

These poles will revolutionize your working day.

Xtreme X3 Care Notice

  • Click Here to view the Xtreme Pole User Guide  - Please read before purchasing - these poles need to be maintained in strict accordance with this user guide to prevent damage or wear.
  • Do not purchase if you are not planning on maintaining, cleaning and servicing the pole as outlined.

This Kit includes the items below:

890-525 - X3 Xtreme 25ft pole only (Qty:1)
150-1107 - Ball Valve 5/16in Union for WFP (Qty:1)
150-1105 - Ball Valve 5/16in for WFP (Qty:1)
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Original Price: $1,345.65