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Gardiner X3 Xtreme 58ft High Modulus Carbon Pole

Quick Overview

  • Xtreme 58 ft. HM Carbon Fiber pole is the go-to pole for regular work above 60 ft.
  • Easy-to-use even when extended with extensions to heights of 60+ feet
  • Great balance of lightness, rigidity, and strength
  • 9 section pole with the latest smart clamps
  • Insulated base handle section

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 Available Early June
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Gardiner X3 Xtreme 58ft High Modulus Carbon Pole

X3 Xtreme Manual

Xtreme Pole Care Guide

This pole comes with the base 47 foot pole as well as two 5ft extension poles, allowing you to extend this pole to a height of 58ft.

The Gardiner line of poles are nicely improved. Special features include quick-loq brush & adapters for easy accessory changes. Thicker clamps that are grooved at each end to prevent finger pinching while collapsing pole. Levers now have an aluminum pivot nut.

Xtreme 47ft HM Carbon Fiber pole is a 9 section hi-modulous telescopic pole. Ideal for commercial work. It's the ultimate in lightness & rigidity. Ideal for constant high work. 

Has 3 clamping points on each section. Comes with Super Lite 11in mixed media brush, smart clamps, quick-loq gooseneck, all season hose & connector. Base handle section has outer insulated layer for safety. Has the option to add extension pieces.

The lightest, most compact range of high-level telescopic Water Fed poles in the world.

X3 Pole Care Guide

    • Full carbon-fibre construction with MCM insulated handle section provides the rigidity of carbon-fibre throughout the pole whilst keeping you safe from shocks where needed.
    • Features our new patented nylon clamping system (US Patents, UK Patents & European Patents apply).
    • Twin-color overlap system with removable sections. 
    • Matte Carbon finish; Easily slide sections apart or collapse.
    • Comes complete with Super-Lite® brush, angle adapter, hose, and end connector.
    • Weighs only 5lbs!
    • Red labels at the end of each section for best clamping locations

These poles will revolutionize your working day.

Xtreme X3 Care Notice

  • Click Here to view the Xtreme Pole User Guide .pdf - Please read before purchasing - these poles need to be maintained in strict accordance with this user guide to prevent damage or wear.
  • Do not purchase if you are not planning on maintaining, cleaning and servicing the pole as outlined.

This Kit includes the items below:

890-547 - Xtreme X3 47ft Pole only (Qty:1)
155-4720 - Modular Extension Carbon #10 70in (Qty:2)
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