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Water Fed Pole Buying Guide

Water Fed Poles (WFPs) come in different lengths, quality, and price ranges. Cheaper models are usually made from less expensive material, such as aluminum or fiber glass, and are heavier and less rigid (or "floppier"). This makes them  more difficult and  tiresome to use, which can ultimately lead to reduced quality of work, slower production, and more potential for injury.

All Gardiner poles are either made of carbon fiber or a carbon fiber mix, making them strong and light. However, there are still four important differences between a Hybrid and a Carbon Fiber water fed pole.
  1. Flex. As you'll see in the video, the hybrid pole is much less rigid than the carbon fiber pole. The less rigid a pole is, the more difficult they are to handle and the more cumbersome to use.
  2. Weight. Carbon fiber poles weigh less than hybrid poles.
  3. Maneuverability. Carbon fiber poles are easier to move when extended, which means it's easier to clean with and less straining on your body.
  4. Price. Hybrid poles are less expensive.

Gardiner Poles are the strongest, lightest poles in the world, but there are differences between. The information provided below is designed to help you better select the right Gardiner Water Fed Pole for your specific needs. 

The Gardiner CLX 27: Best Entry-Level Residential Pole Available

This is our top selling pole for a reason! The Gardiner CLX 27-foot pole is a great entry-level pole, and the best residential pole available based on value and height. It’s a perfect investment for those just getting into WFP cleaning.

Here’s why:

  • It’s lightweight: Made from 65% carbon fiber on all sections, the pole weighs around 4 pounds.
  • It’s compact: The 4-section telescopic pole breaks down into 4 sections that are about 5 feet in length.
  • It reaches up to 32 feet, making it capable of reaching most residential or 2-story commercial windows.
  • It has thicker clamps that are grooved at each end to prevent pinching fingers when collapsing the pole. It comes with Comes with Super Lite 11in mixed media brush, smart clamps, quick-loq gooseneck, all season hose & connector.
  • It’s expandable, allowing you to add an extension.
  • Its insulated handle Section & extending sections have been tested to resist up to 5,000v with an average resistance of 3.2 GO
  • It’s affordable, costing less than $500.

Pair it with the Eco Cart RODI System  for the perfect easy-entry package. (See Why You Need Pure Water for Water Fed Pole Cleaning to learn more.)

NEW Super Max 27ft 3K: Best Residential Pole on the Market

The new Super Max 27-foot 3k is the best pole on the market for residential and low-rise cleaners wanting a strong pole that's still light weight, weighing just 3.7 pounds. Made from 3K wrapped carbon fiber, the new Super Max 27 foot offers a number of features and benefits: 

  • 20% Greater rigidty (compared to the previous model) & improved wear resistance
  • The most robust shorter pole with great rigidity
  • Provides excellent rigidity even when used with extensions at up to 40ft
  • Higher Quality Carbon throughout than its bigger brothers the 45-63 3K Super Max poles
  • 6 Section Telescopic Carbon Pole with High Modulus & 3K strengthened sections
  • Featuring the Patented Gardiner Smart Clamps
  • Comes complete with FREE Super-Lite® Brush, Quick-LoQ Gooseneck* (see video below), 'All-Season' Pole Hose & Connector
  • 100% Carbon Fibre Content in Extending Sections
  • Base Handle Section has Outer Insulated Layer for Safety
  • 32 foot working reach

Pair it with the Eco Cart RODI System for the perfect easy-entry package. (See Why You Need Pure Water for Water Fed Pole Cleaning to learn more.)

The Gardiner SLX 39ft Carbon Fiber Pole: A Great Entry-Level Commercial Pole

If you plan to clean low to mid-rise commercial commercial buildings, the Gardiner SLX 39 is a great, affordable option. It’s also perfect for larger residential homes or residents with walkouts, hills, basements, or  dropdown or bush problems. Here’s why:

  • The 8-section pole reaches heights up to 44 feet working reach – perfect for mid-rise buildings.
  • 100% carbon fiber means it’s rigid and lightweight, weighing in at just 5.4 pounds.
  • It's compact, breaking down into 5'7" pieces for easy transport.
  • It features Gardiner’s patented Smart Clamps,
  • It comes with Super-Lite® Brush Brush, which features the new square Quick-Loq socket making removal from the pole a breeze.

  • Also includes Quick-LoQ Gooseneck*, 'All Season' Pole Hose & Connector

· 100% Carbon Fibre Content in Extending Sections

  • Base Handle Section has Outer Insulated Layer for Safety
  • Closed Length: 5' 7"

Super Max 3k 50 Ft: Great for Mid-Rise Buildings

If you’re regularly cleaning higher mid-rise buildings, the Gardiner Super Max 3K 50 foot WFP is a fantastic option. The Super Max features amazing strength and rigidity created through Gardiner’s special 3K carbon and carbon fiber materials. Gardiner’s 3K materials mean a better long WFP for you. Here’s why:

  • Helps promote increased rigidity even when fully extended.
  • Provides greater crush resistance while in use.
  • Offers improved wear and abrasion resistance in key abrasion areas.
  • Maximizes the life and usability of your pole investment.
  • Lightweight -- weighing just 7.36 pounds

Features of the Gardiner Super Max 3K 50 foot pole includes:

  • 9 Section Telescopic Carbon Pole with 3K high strengthened sections
  • The Patented Gardiner Smart Clamps 
  • Super-Lite® Brush, Quick-LoQ Gooseneck, Pole Hose & Connector
  • 100% Carbon Fiber Content in Extending Sections

X3 Xtreme 47 Ft Tele HM Carbon Complete: Strong and Lightweight for  Serious Commercial Work

The Gardiner X3 Xtreme 47 ft pole is the lightest pole on the market -- with a 52 feet working reach and weighing just over 5 pounds! Made from modulus carbon fiber, this the ideal pole for doing commercial work all day, every day. Extensions can also be added, allowing the pole to extend up to 72 feet!  Improved in 2019, the X3 Xtremes are 15% more rigid and 20% stronger than previous Series II Extreme poles.

Features include:

  • The perfect balance of light weight, rigidity, and strength
  • 52-Foot Working Reach, up to 72 feet with extensions
  • Includes Quick Loq Super Litebrush and adapters, Quic Loq Gooseneck for easy accessory changes, plus “All Season” Pole and hose connector
  • Thicker clamp, grooved at each end to prevent finger pinching while collapsing the pole.
  • 9-Section High Modulus Carbon Fiber Telescopic Pole
  • Insulated base handle section for added safety
  • Additional extension pieces available allowing you to extend up to 72 feet! (Photo to the right shows the X3 Xtreme with 6 extensions)

The Gardiner X3 Xtreme 47 foot pole with 6 #10 extensions.

Gardiner Ultimate: The Strongest, Tallest WFP in the World!

There's a reason this one's called the Ultimate! It's the stiffest and strongest pole on the market. Made with a Kevlar bottom section and featuring the patented Gardiner Smart Clamps, the Ultimate able to effectively clean unthinkable heights -- up to 90 feet by adding #10, #11, or #12 extensions to your base pole.

The Ultimate 46 features:

  • High Modulus Carbon Fiber & Kevlar Fully Telescopic Pole
  • Patented Gardiner Smart Clamps
  • Outer Insulated Layer for Safety on Base Handle Section (#9) & Section #7, which has been tested to resist up to 5,000 v with an average resistance of 3.2 GO
  • FREE Super-Lite Brush, Quick-LoQ Gooseneck*, 'All Season' Pole Hose & Connector
  • Fully Telescopic from 46ft to 74ft with Extender Packs (Reach 50ft - 78ft)
  • Fully Telescopic Extender Packs Feature can also have a Quick-Release Control-Bar System for greater control and safety at heights