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WFP Height Guide

While purchasing the right water fed pole for your needs is important, with Gardiner poles, it’s not an end-all decision. That’s because Gardiner poles are modular, giving your tons of flexibility and use for different-sized projects.

For example, say you have a 27-foot Gardiner Sectional WFP. That pole is a great length for residential work because you can easily clean 95% percent of homes with that pole. But what if you have a home on a hill and you need a little extra reach? Rather than having to purchase a new, longer pole, or turn down the job, you can simply add an extension. The extension costs less than you will likely make on the job, and now you’re set up for higher cleaning projects.

Yes, there are some other modular poles on the market, but none are as rigid or lightweight as a Gardiner. The lighter and more rigid your WFP, the easier and less tiring it is to use. Easier cleaning means more productive workers, and that, in turn, means more profit.

Gardiner Water Fed Pole Height Guide

 1.  1-2 Stories

CLX 27: The Best Entry Level Residential Pole on the Market! 

Reach most 3-story windows or 2-story windows above a basement/walkout. By adding on 1 extra extension, you’ve got a 32- foot pole and can now reach that one window that’s just out of reach. It’s the perfect residential pole and our best seller for a reason! 

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 2.  4-5 Stories (Occasional Use) 

SuperMax 3K: 

If you’re occasionally cleaning higher mid-rise buildings, this is a fantastic option. The lightweight Super Max weighs just 7.36 pounds and features amazing strength and rigidity. Gardiner’s special 3K carbon and carbon fiber materials mean a better long WFP for you.


 3.  5 Stories (Consistent Use) 

X3 Xtreme 47: Lightest pole on the market! (Can be modified to reach up to 80 feet!) 

Made from modulus carbon fiber, this is the ideal pole for doing consistent commercial work all day, every day. And it’s the lightest pole on the market – with a 52-foot working reach and weighing just over 5 pounds!  Improved in 2019, the X3 Xtremes are 15% more rigid and 20% stronger than previous Series II Extreme poles. The Gardiner X3 Xtreme is the perfect balance of light weight, rigidity, and strength!



 4.  Up to 4 Stories

SLX 39: A Great-Entry Level Commercial Pole

For low- to mid-rise commercial buildings, the Gardiner SLX 39 is a great, affordable option. A true workhorse, the SLX 39 is also perfect for larger residential homes or residences with walkouts, hills, basements, dropdown or bush problems. This best bang for your buck, its full carbon fiber lets you reach up to 55 feet with extensions.


 5.  Up to 90 Feet

Ultimate 46: The World’s Strongest, Tallest WFP!

There’s a reason this one’s called the Ultimate! It’s the stiffest and strongest pole on the market. Made with a Kevlar bottom section and featuring the patented Gardiner Smart Clamps, the Ultimate is able to effectively clean unthinkable heights – up to 90 feet – by adding #10, #11, or #12 extensions to your base pole.


Gardiner Poles are the strongest, lightest poles in the world, but there are differences between. The information provided below is designed to help you better select the right Gardiner Water Fed Pole for your specific needs.