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Relay 12v Wiring Harness

Quick Overview

  • This is a 12V 30/40 Amp 5-Pin SPDT Relay with Wires & Harness Socket
  • This relay is used for for remote switching 12v pumps using either a manual switch or a float switch or others. .Relay comes with mounting tab for easy installation.
  • 5 pin SPDT 12V, 40 Amp electrical relay with pre-wired relay socket harness
  • The interlocking design on the harness allows multiple harnesses to be coupled together for organization and ease of setup
  • Heavy-duty impact molded relay socket with 5 WIRES.

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Relay 12v Wiring Harness

Enhance Your Electrical Systems with Our 5 Pin SPDT 12V Relay and Harness Pack

This comprehensive pack includes five 5-pin Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) 12V electrical relays with pre-wired relay socket harnesses. These versatile relays serve as integral components for an array of applications, finding their place in automotive setups, car sound systems, security systems, and more. Each relay boasts a high switching capability of 30/40 amps, ensuring robust performance in a variety of scenarios.

Installation is a breeze with the included mounting tabs, offering convenience and security. The relay socket harnesses feature an interlocking design, allowing multiple harnesses to be coupled together, streamlining organization and simplifying setup. This high-quality product is 100% brand new, assuring reliability and longevity in your electrical projects.

Key Product Features and Specifications

These 5-pin relays come with a comprehensive set of wires and pins: Black (Ground) on PIN 85, Blue (Positive) on PIN 30, Red on PIN 87a, White (To Switch) on PIN 86, and Yellow (To Light/Accessory) on PIN 87. The package includes not only the five relays but also one socket with five wires for each relay, making this product a comprehensive and versatile choice for various applications. Its dimensions, measuring 1.02 x 1.22 x 7.68 inches, make it a compact and convenient addition to your electrical projects. Weighing just 2.08 ounces, it's lightweight and easy to handle. With a normal switching capacity of 40A at 14VDC for NO and 30A at 14VDC for NC, this relay and harness pack provides high performance. Its design incorporates durable components, such as the heavy-duty impact-molded relay socket, and ensures that it can withstand challenging environments. With its excellent switching power, contact capacity, and characteristic data, this relay and harness pack is a reliable choice for your electrical needs. Its wide temperature range, from -40°C to +125°C, means it can function effectively in a variety of conditions, ensuring its adaptability and utility in diverse applications.

Contact Capacity: Normal switching Capacity (resistive load):
- NO 40A 14VDC
- NC 30A 14VDCMax. switching current: 40A.
Max. switching voltage: 30VDC.
Max. switching power: 560W.
Initial contact resistance (at 6VDC 1A): 50mO Max.
Operate time (at nominal volt.): 10 msec. Max.
Release time (at nominal volt.): 5 msec Max.
Initial insulation resistance: 100MO Min. (DC500V).