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RO Membrane insert RHG

Quick Overview

  • RHG TuckerĀ® 4 x 40" RO membrane makes more water than any other membranes on the market today
  • Tucker RO Membranes are designed to operate at extremely low operating pressures making
  • RO Membrane Filters seperate water into "Cleaner" permeate and dirtier bypass water

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Item #: 150-06M

$389.20 - $661.80

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This is an obsolete Item
RHG Specified replacement RO Membranes
Replacement RO membrane is a replacement RO Membrane for the Tuckler and H2Pro line of pure water systems made by RHG.

The RO Membrane insert is a very economical replacement option for your RO/DI water fed pole system.

This is the membrane found in the RO/DI Systems.

This RO Membrane From RHG are a 100 PSI membranes that perform better than most other RO membranes in the market today.

Consider changing your RO membrane when it has began to remove less than 80% of the impurities in the water.

The fewer impurities the RO can remove the more you will spend on DI filter replacements.

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Regular Price: $766.30
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