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Triumph Straight Scraper MK3 06in 150mm with Double Edged 0.20mm Carbon Steel Blade

Quick Overview

  • The Triumph MK3 Cushioned Grip 6in Scraper is crafted from reinforced plastic for long-term durability, making it a preferred choice for tradesmen.
  • Tradesmen favor this scraper for its quality blade and ergonomic grip, ensuring precision and comfort during scraping tasks.
  • Easy to use, the Triumph Scraper quickly tackles scraping tasks with its durable handle and extra-sharp blades, delivering quality results.
  • The MK3 Scraper includes one 0.20mm Carbon Steel Blade and a safety cap for secure storage when not in use.
  • The scraper features a reinforced channel that securely holds the sharp double-edged blade, allowing for easy blade exchange.

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Triumph Scraper 6in MK3 

Welcome to precision scraping with the Triumph MK3 6in Scraper – a testament to quality, durability, and ergonomic design. This Cushioned Grip precision scraper is meticulously crafted to redefine your scraping tasks, offering an unparalleled combination of performance and comfort.

Crafted from reinforced plastic, the Triumph MK3 6in Scraper ensures long-term durability, making it the tradesman's tool of choice for its exceptional quality blade and ergonomic grip. Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, this scraper delivers the reliability and precision needed for a variety of scraping tasks.

Ease of use is a hallmark of the Triumph Scraper. Making quick work of scraping tasks, the durable handle and extra-sharp blades guarantee quality results. Whether you're removing paint, adhesive residues, or other materials, the Triumph MK3 Scraper is up to the task, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in your projects.

The MK3 Scraper comes complete with one 0.20mm Carbon Steel Blade, offering longevity and efficiency in your scraping endeavors. A safety cap is provided for secure storage, enhancing safety and protecting the blade when the scraper is not in use.

Featuring a reinforced channel, this scraper securely holds the sharp double-edged blade while facilitating easy blade exchange. Regular users of scrapers prefer the Triumph MK3 handle for its cushioned, comfortable, and ergonomic grip. The anti-slip ribs on the handle ensure a secure hold and a firm grip on the tool, enhancing control and precision during use.

Choose the Triumph MK3 6in Scraper for a tool that combines durability, precision, and ergonomic design with the added comfort of a cushioned grip. Elevate your scraping efficiency and experience the quality that professionals rely on with the Triumph MK3 handle.

Lightweight and maneuverable. Includes cover and 1 double-edged blade. Easy-to-clean. The Straight Scraper allows for use in confined area or attached to an extension pole. The Straight version is meant for use in your hand and offers a secure, cushioned comfortable grip.

Comfortable Cushioned Ergonomic Grip

Sharp Double Sided Carbon Steel Blade

Safe, Efficient and Easy to Use

Connects to most pole tips

Item #:36-31
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