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Spare parts for RODI Skid, Softwash, WFP 1User 2 RO Parts List Estate Window Cleaning

RODI Skid, Softwash, WFP 1User 2 RO Parts List Estate Window Cleaning

RODI Skid, Softwash, WFP 1User 2 RO

ProTool Window, Softwash and Pressure Washing Skid

  • SO 2595094:
  • A 80 gallon bleach tank 
  • 120k gallon Carbon Filter
  • 7 Gallon Water Buffer Tank for Softwash
  • 7 Gallon Surfactant Tank for Softwash
  • Twin 5GPM open flow, 90 psi Softwash Spraying Pumps - offers 7GPM at 45psi
  • Metering System for Water, Bleach (SH) and Surfactant to the Softwash reel
  • 16 gallon RO buffer tank for Water Fed 
  • Twin 4040 RO Membranes, DI Resin Housing and Cartridge
  • V16 Controller and Delivery Pump, RO Boots pump, TDS meter
  • 4 gpm Pressure Washer
  • 2 Output reels, 1 input water reel with electric aluminum and stainless steel manifold construction for  delivery of soft wash and pressure washing 
  • A ProTool Reel with 150 ft pf hose 

Part NameSKUMfr Part #Price
Skid Base Aluminum150-807$532.85Place Order
Reel Stand Aluminum150-808$428.15Place Order
Housing Plate Filters Aluminum for Skids150-809$578.05Place Order
ProTool Metering Bracket for Wall Mount Plate150-811$26.95Place Order
ProTool Inlet/Outlet Bracket for RODI150-810ProTool Inlet Outlet Bracket$15.15Place Order
Hose 1/2in Braided 200ft Blue ProTool150-0314ProTool 13mm Blue 61M $124.40Place Order
Reel Black Powder Coat Large Capacity 4000psi68-08ProTool ProTool-80M$270.90Place Order
Hose 3/8in 200ft Ultra Light Hybrid Red150-03613$140.50Place Order
Controller, Pump 35 amp for 5 to 10gpm 12v Pumps V16HC150-5454Spring V16 HC $247.00Place Order
ProTool Pump 90psi 5.0gpm Pump Bypass Mode150-0856ProTool 5503-2HM1-M638PT$183.85Place Order
ProTool Pump 90psi 5.0gpm Demand Switch Spraying150-0857ProTool 55031HM1-M638PT$183.85Place Order
ProTool Hose Barb Angled 1/2in to 3/4in150-722ProTool QBE-554 $2.20Place Order
ProTool Hose Barb Angled 1/2in PushFit to 3/4in Slide Port150-723ProTool QJE-554 $4.35Place Order
ProTool Housing SS 40in 1/2in in 1/2 out 300psi150-4042$66.45Place Order
ProTool RO Membrane 4040 Ultra Low Pressure150-4040ProTool XLP-4040-82$164.40Place Order
ProTool Filter Housing 4.5x20in with Clear Sump150-03713ProTool $45.90Place Order
ProTool Carbon Filter 4.5in x 20in Housing 5 Micron Sediment Filter150-0062$18.75Place Order
ProTool Cartridge 20in Empty 4.5x20in150-057ProTool 4.5"*20" empty$20.25Place Order
Resin Refill (1 bag) for 20in Cartridge150-0591ProTool 150-0591$53.50Place Order
ProTool Hex Head Screw (1ea) for 4.5 x 10 and 4.5 in x20 in Housings150-03717ProTool 150-03717$0.70Place Order
Hose 1/2in Ultra Light Hybrid per ft150-0362ProTool 11823-12$1.15Place Order
ProTool Stem Barb 1/2in Stem to 1/2in Barb150-335ProTool Stem Barb 1/2 to 1/2$4.70Place Order
Male Connector SS NPTF 1/2 x 1/2150-708ProTool MCSS12-12$2.85Place Order
Elbow SS 1/2 Stem to Tube150-3202J.Racenstein MPL12$2.85Place Order
Elbow Black/SS Stem to NPT 1/2in150-3203ProTool MPL12-12$3.30Place Order
Tee Fitting Push-Fit to NPT SS 1/2in150-414ProTool MPE12$2.70Place Order
ProTool Valve Waste Water Bypass RO 1/2in150-1699ProTool MV20-8-8(OEM)$23.40Place Order
ProTool Stem Adapter 1/2 x 1/2150-321g$4.20Place Order
ProTool Fitting 3/4in F GH To 1/2in FNPT Swivel150-122ProTool 5AS-12D$5.15Place Order
ProTool Fitting M GH to 3/4in MNPT & 1/2in FNPT150-124ProTool 19AF-12DE$8.30Place Order
Jam Nut 1/2in NPT Black Poly150-1690J.Racenstein 8463$1.35Place Order
ProTool Ball Valve 1/2" Tube Pushfit150-447ProTool AHUC0707$7.80Place Order
Ball Valve 1/2" Pushfit to NPT150-448ProTool AHMC0707$8.95Place Order
TDS Inline Meter - includes a 1/4 Tee150-019ProTool SM-1 TDS $40.50Place Order
Bracket Inline TDS Meter150-0190J.Racenstein TDS-Bracket$27.15Place Order
ProTool Tee Fitting TDS 1/2in tube to 1/4in TDS Probe or tube150-1695ProTool V0820426B.00$8.60Place Order
Tank 16 gal Rect. Flat Bottom150-04375J.Racenstein SPBM0016-MM$109.60Place Order
Tank 80 Gal Vertical w/ Bulkhead150-0439$490.55Place Order
ProTool Tank 7 gal Rect. Flat Bottom 9in x14in x15in150-0435ProTool SP0007-RT$89.25Place Order
ProTool Float Valve Water Shut off 1/2in150-1352ProTool 1/2in Side Port Valve $17.40Place Order
Valve Metering 1/2in ProTool74-4969ProTool 1/2 npt Metering$57.15Place Order
ProTool Nipple 1/2 MPT to 1/2 MPT Banjo74-8185ProTool NIP050SH$2.70Place Order
ProTool Check Valve 1/2in fpt74-8195ProTool 22210$15.15Place Order
ProTool Tee Fitting 1/2in FNPT Banjo74-8180ProTool TEE050$4.65Place Order
ProTool Hose Barb 1/2in M thread x 3/8in74-8121ProTool HB050-038$2.40Place Order
ProTool Hose Barb Banjo 1/2in to 1/2in MNPT74-8113ProTool HB050$2.10Place Order
ProTool Hose Barb 90deg 1/2in M Thread X 3/4in74-8116ProTool HB050/075-90$2.55Place Order
ProTool Bulkhead Fitting 1/2in FNPT74-8138ProTool TF050$18.95Place Order
ProTool Hose 3/4in ID Suction Hose per ft150-03430$4.40Place Order
ProTool Hose 1/2in Suction Hose per ft PVC Hose w/ Wire Helix150-0358ProTool 1/2 PVC Suction Huse $2.95Place Order
ProTool Hose 3/4in Clear Braided per ft150-03429ProTool 08-1158$2.10Place Order
ProTool Hose 1/2in Clear Braided per ft150-03399ProTool 08-1156$1.45Place Order
ProTool Hose 3/8in Clear Braided per ft150-03446ProTool 08-1155$1.00Place Order
Battery Monitor 12v with Bracket150-755J.Racenstein Battey Monitor$16.95Place Order
Clamp Crimp 198 Single Ear SS (ea)150-1165J.Racenstein 16.5-19.8 #198 SS $0.50Place Order
Steel Clamp for 1/2in Hose each150-1151J.Racenstein 5388K17$2.20Place Order
Clamp SS for 3/4in Hose each150-1152J.Racenstein 33160$2.05Place Order
Strap Wrenches for Housings, Fittings150-0381J.Racenstein 24in Strap, 19in Strap$17.70Place Order